Monday, April 14, 2014

Logan came home from College for Spring Break!!

The last day of Logan's spring break, we finally got to see Logan while he was home from school!  He then spent the night with us, went to church with us, and then we took him to the train to go back to school!!!  But Saturday we played cards, had everyone over for Pizza and he was able to see everyone here in Fort Worth!  Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle Art couldn't come on Saturday but they took Logan out to dinner Friday night! He really did get to see and spend time with all his family!!  That's what coming home is all about.....oh, he might think it's to catch up with his buddies......hmmmm!  Good thing he humors us!!



Dropping Logan off at the train is always bitter/sweet!! Its always more exciting when we pick him up.  We love you Logan.  Do good in College so you can make your dreams come true!!

Divergent the Movie!!

Yes, the day Divergent came out in the movie theaters Alan and I were there!!  We loved the movie I think they did a good job of representing everything even if it wasn't exactly like the book....they can never make the movie as good as the book, it would be a 5 hr movie!!

We loved it and here we are with our Divergent Cups!!

Umm, yes I have seen it 3 times now and still up for seeing it again if anyone who hasn't seen it wants to go!!  The last time was for Visiting Teaching....that's my kind of Visiting Teaching!!  Love you Becky and MaryAnn!!

Shopping Spree!! Yipee!! I love Shopping sprees for my granddaughter!!

I love it when Carter's has everything in the store 50% off - which is amazing enough on its own, but then I got a coupon that gave me an extra 20% off my total purchase so it wasn't really 70% off because it is 20% off the 50% but it sure felt like it and Allison and I had so much fun shopping, plus I had Carter in store money that Allison got to spend on new sleepers.....and then with my big purchase I got more in-store money that I was able to spend on a shower gift for a friend at church who we are all so excited that they are finally able to have a baby, they have had a difficult time in the past with pregnancies, so of course that makes this precious baby all the more precious!!

Charlotte is a girl after her Grandma's heart...she went right for the shoes and wanted to try them on!!  John said "just like her Mom" but where does John think Allison got it from, I wonder?????
The happy mother to be!! Sharon everyone really is so excited for you!! Congratulations!! 
Even though this picture is not about me just a FYI kind of thing.....everyone tells me to wear my hair strait and not the curly poofy thing I love so much....but if you ask me this picture is proof that whether wearing my hair like this is more current with the styles....I look stupid!! Wow!

Aileen's birthday bowling party!!

At the very end of spring break, Saturday, March 15, 2014, we had Aileen's birthday party!! This was a great plan because then Allison, John, and Charlotte would be back in town and could be there to celebrate!! We missed Anne Marie as always but know that she is working hard getting her Nursing degree in Utah.  This year was especially fun because Aileen's respite care giver, Yency Campos, brought her family and another client to share in the festivities!!  We loved having our friends the Thompson's bring their cute little family! We will miss them so much when Jared Graduates Medical School and heads to Michigan to do his residency!!  We have to get every moment we can in before they leave. I was ecstatic when David brought my best friend Rebecca Albright as his date.....shhhh, I'm trying not to get too excited of the possibilities this might bring....shhhh!

The funniest part of this night is we forgot to open gifts, so we took them home and said we would open them when we got home.  But once we got home we were so tired we just got Aileen and ourselves ready for bed!!  So it wasn't until Sunday morning that she got to open her presents!! We are terrible parents!!  I guess that is what happens when your child can't talk and remind you that she still hasn't gotten to open her gifts!! Bad parents, bad parents!!

Charlotte so excited for Aileen!
Allison, John and Charlotte!
Charlotte's ready to bowl!!

Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle Art Came

Yancy brought her family and another Client who knows Aileen!

David and Aunt Beverly

Jared and Caitlin Thompson and family, or should I say Dr. Thompson!!

Rebecca with Allison and Charlotte - it was a awesome surprise.  Funny enough
I was going to invite her, but was too slow in getting the info to her so didn't
feel right inviting her so was really happy when she walked in!!

Some of our family who are happy to be here for Aileen!!

Grandma Clay and Aileen

Grandma and Charlotte - she was so cute eating the popcorn.....when did
she get so big???

Yency and Aileen - best of friends!!

David and his cute kids - Emmy and Landin

Grandma and Grandpa Clay

Aunt Elizabeth is always a favorite!!

Rebecca and Aileen are special friends - I was sad that
the picture is blurry, but it has to be included!!

Daddy and Aileen

Mommy and Aileen

Yency is my life saver!! I don't know what I did before she came into our lives!!
Funny enough, she says the same thing....she doesn't know what I did before she came either!!

Everyone got the chance to sign her bowling pin souvenir!!

Singing Happy Birthday to Aileen...she was so excited!!

Still can't believe my baby is 29!!




Aileen had a great time and a great party!!  Thanks to all who came and made it so wonderful!!
For the first time because I knew we would have kids at the party I made gift bags to send home with everyone I think they turned out cute.  The boys had a truck or car, bubbles, candy, etc.. and the girls had hair ribbons, bracelets, bubbles, candy etc... everyone was very excited to get one!!