Saturday, June 13, 2009

OH, NO, I'm 50!!!!!

Well, yesterday was my birthday! I turned 50! I can hardly believe it. But I'm fine with it, I've earned every year!

Some fun things happened. I went to work at 7:30 am to the Doctor's office Friday morning and they had a big celebrate sign up and a beautifully wrapped gift on my desk waiting for me! The appropriate thing to do would have been to wait for the Doctor to come and open it in front of him.......but no, I ripped it open and found the most amazing Dooney Bourke wallet inside! It matches my Coach purse (my Christmas present from the Doc) pretty darn good. I love it! Now I just need to register it so if anything happens to it they will fix it! yay!

After I got off work at 12:30, I was scheduled to go visiting teaching with my partner (MAS) to one of my sisters (BW) and all of a sudden they decided they were picking me up....then Allison was coming too.....I started getting suspicious, next thing I know, I'm opening a musical card that's singing....."Celebrate good times, Come on" and wearing BIG jewelry and carrying a big princess wand with streamers etc.... that all say "OVER THE HILL" thank you very much. We went to "Babes" in Burleson, which I had never been to, and wow oh wow was that good food. Then I opened presents that had a million bows on them and had to wear them on a hat ---- yes there are pictures! Anyway it was a blast.....never had so much fun visiting teaching in my life!

Then that evening, since my husband was in charge of the Youth Temple Trip, another of my dear friends (RA) picked me up and we went to see "Night at the Museum 2" where she proceeded to ask if I got a senior discount now....funny R~ Just for her asking everyone from the ticket seller to the concession stand people that question about the senior discount. I ordered lots of concessions (not really, although she did keep adding to the order, I was only going to get a Diet Coke....) it was too too fun! Oh, and more presents! I'm so spoiled. Beautiful turquoise ear rings.

Alan, and my girls got me season two of "Burn Notice" due to arrive on Monday or Tuesday I that is the soonest it is they really had to plan to cute is that. Plus I wanted "He's just not that into you" so we all watched that right at Midnight the night before my birthday!

Anne Marie called, people facebooked me, and some text'd me. The cutest thing is that my son-in-law called me as well! I really like this having a son thing.....I could get use to this!

So all in was a FABULOUS DAY! Happy Birthday to Me! Thanks everyone it was the greatest!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

It's a Bridal Shower!

Two of Allison's Young Women's leaders at various times of her youth gave Allison a Bridal shower today! A couple of other of her leaders brought food as well. It was a wonderful time and as you can tell by Allison's face she had a great time! This is the first weekend after school is out so several people were out of town....but she had an amazing turn out in spite of that! She definitely knows how much she is loved! I too felt loved, in awe, so grateful for dear friends and was so thrilled for Allison. Here are a few pictures of the morning!

As you can see by the table and the island their was amazing food to enjoy!

Here is who attended.....Thank you very much!!!!

And oh the fun of opening gifts.....ya gotta love it!

(If you click on the collages you can see them at a larger size)

Thanks to everyone it was a wonderful party!