Friday, January 30, 2009

The Utah Jazz!!!!

So Allison texted me tonight to rub into her father and I that she just happened to be at a Utah Jazz basketball game....

oh, man.....we were jealous! It really made us homesick for all our years in Utah and how much fun we had going to watch our favorite Team! I hope she has fun...darn her! do you like this warm weather? It still amazes me the difference a day can make in Texas! So if there is ever any kind of storm going on that you don't particularly like...don't worry just wait a few minutes and it will change! Ha!

I worked a full day on Thursday and Friday to make up for missing hours because of the Doctor's office being closed for the ice storm....and I was exhausted! I have to tell you I use to work long hard hours everyday and sometimes weekends too when I had 3 little girls at home...don't know how I did it when I look back sometimes...other than I have a wonderful, helpful and supportive husband. But still I don't think I would ever want to go back to that....I'm very happy with where I am at now! It's enough to make me feel good about myself, I feel intelligent and useful and with the patient's it is giving service and helping people (even though I'm getting paid) and that makes me feel good as well and I don't think I have ever been as appreciated as I am here. I always thought that the architects office in Utah was "THE JOB" and I felt good and smart and necessary etc....and very much appreciated by the CEO! But maybe I'm older...different priorities...but I believe this is better and not as much stress and I can still be a good mother to other words...the best of both worlds! Ya gotta love that!

I think what made me think about all this and count my blessings....was hearing about the Utah Jazz and the memories of living in Utah and what our life was like etc....I have been so blessed everywhere we have lived! I am very grateful!

Her call also brought up others memories as she is attending the Y and dating always makes me remember my experiences at the Y and falling in love and getting married. Wow, was I ever that young? I guess I was and it also really makes me appreciate that even at such a young age I knew a good thing when I saw it! Really I am married to the love of my life....both this one and the one in the eternities! How do you luck out and find that when you are 18! Really quit amazing and I also recognize the hand of the Lord in my blessings! Anyone who has ever met my husband has always told me what amazing man he is. I just want everyone else to know that I know it too!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My "pay it forward" is complete!

I signed up on my friend Rachel's blog to play the "Pay it Forward" blogging game. It really has been a very rewarding and fun experience. I had 2 comment (you know who you are) on my post that they wanted to play and I am very grateful to them for being willing to spread the cheer forward! I gave one of my gifts on Saturday and Shipped the other yesterday with the promise that it would be delivered today....however, with the ice storm, I am not sure if it will be today or tomorrow now! I'm excited to see their posts that have the rules and invite others to participate...if you think about fun is this to see where it all goes! And it was a joy for me to do something totally unexpected and just to be nice for two people who already mean a lot to me! Have fun with it and go forward......!

here's my post again for the rules:

Home Sweet Home!

Well, because of the Texas ice storm I have been home for the last two days! I have been using this time wisely to re-read the Twilight series! Funny! I also have watched the whole 1st season of "Burn Notice" on DVD (Oh, K, I'm going to lend this to and B really need to see this, you'll love it) and I'm remembering how nice it is not to have anywhere to go!!!!

Oh, and I have been getting all my typing for the Doctor done and caught up so that I don't feel too guilty about not being at least he will know I was productive...and the bonus is I'll be all caught up which is almost a "never" thing and feels really good! There are always more patients and more dictations! But when you don't see patients for a couple a days.....there is an end in sight! Funny!

Allison called last night with a worry about her car. And Anne Marie called last night with a large repair for her car....these are the times that I wish so badly we were closer so we could give better comfort and more help! But they seem to be handling everything fine...and we will help as we can. They really are all grown up aren't they????

Well, my mother wants me to brave all the ice and go to Sonics "Happy Hour"!!! What can I do, (it's a real hardship ha!) she is my mother after I must go......wish me luck!

A small fact you may not know about me....Burn Notice and The two favorite TV Shows I'm already on the waiting lists for this season's shows that will come out in the summer! Everything else I can miss....but these I MUST SEE ALWAYS! True story.....One year to get cheaper flights to EFY for Allison to Salt Lake, we had to drive to the Austin airport. Well, her flight back was on a Monday night late and I really should have left an hour earlier than I did....but it was the season premier of "The Closer" that night and I would not leave until after that was over! I made it and she never knew (until now that is). That's how much I love "The Closer" and "Burn Notice" ! It's not bad is it, if it is only two shows....right????

Monday, January 26, 2009

Calling all Browns, Ellis' and Holladay's....

Sis. Green, Aileen, and Sis. Wilde

Tonight we were blessed again with the opportunity to feed the Sister Missionaries! We always love feeding the missionaries, Elders or Sisters, but have especially enjoyed taking care of these two sisters as one of them, Sister Green, is the daughter of Lisa Holladay Green! When Alan was growing up there were 3 families, the Browns, Ellis' and Holladay's that did just about everything together. They went on trips and vacations together and celebrated holiday's together. When I married Alan I was introduced to the Ellis' and Holladay's and was immediately accepted as family! So it gives me great Joy to now take care of one of these dear friends, daughter and granddaughter! She is an amazing missionary and is having alot of success! Aileen loves feeding the Sisters as well and I think it helps her to not miss her own sisters so much!

God be with you....

Last night I was invited to go and see one of my seminary students get set apart to be a Missionary and leave for the MTC! It was an awesome experience and fun for President Beasley to say "Sister Brown, you have another seminary student leaving on a mission, these are the payday's for seminary teachers" and he is exactly right. It was a beautiful blessing and amazing to know that he is now a missionary! He's on his way and we won't see him again for two years! As the Hymn says.... 'God be with you til we meet again'!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Honesty is not the best policy!!!!!

O.K. I never do tags! I mean never....but since it was Ashley I am going to do it. Only for you my dear friend would I bear all my flaws out there for all to see. And I definitely believe that honesty is not always the best policy.....but here I go anyway! I am suppose to tell 10 brutally honest things about myself that others might not know:

1. I am a hairy girl. Scary right? When I was younger I didn't think this was so bad, but as I have gotten older, gone through a hysterectomy and menopause....I worry about facial hair. I use to go get waxed all the time when I could afford to....not knowing that once you start something like that you must continue. I worry about having dark hair mustaches and beards....are you grossed out yet? I use Nair on my face now instead of waxing....the only danger with that is I sometimes chemically burn my face....but then the hair just stays away longer...funny! Who cares if I can't feel my face and it burns for a couple of days...its all in the name of beauty right?

2. I wear "rose colored glasses" I am accused of this as if this is a bad thing. I really do see only the good in people and believe what they tell me.....the down side is that sometimes I am set up for a big let down, when i find out that i haven't been told the truth or someone does something to hurt someone else that I would never believe that they could be capable of. I've asked Alan, is my radar really that I not have the gift of discernment? And Alan says, "sweetie, you always want to see the best in everyone, there is nothing wrong with that. In fact that is a wonderful way to be" Don't you just love that man of mine! I know I do.

3. I love very easily. I form a bond to family, friends, people in my ward, work etc... very quickly and am actually one of those people who say "I love you" and mean it. Hard for some to believe I mean it. And hard on me when I realize that not everyone feels that same emotion back to me. But I can watch someone do something wonderful and not even know them and feel genuine love for that person.... This also has benefited me as a teacher of teenagers in Seminary, in primary, and Relief Society.....which leads me to my next truth....

4. I never give a compliment or say something I admire about someone that is not the I am not false. Some people go "oh come don't even know me" but if I have said it, it is sincere. Which means sometimes my compliments are rejected and people think I'm being all sappy.....and I guess I might be....but it is a honest compliment or I don't give it....I never try to be mean, or hurtful.... but I would say something else that would be a truth if it was not a truth.

5. I am very insecure. Some of you, who know me well, know I struggle with this, but most of you probably would not guess this about me. I know I have talents. And I know I have certain gifts. And I have had times in my life where I have felt confident and felt my worth. But most of the time I really have to pray to remember who I am. I know that sometimes when I have sang in church, or given a talk, or a workshop for Youth Conference, Relief Society etc....I know that it went well.....I mean honestly I think we all know when we have done well, added to the spirit, or felt the holy ghost....but when no one comes up to tell me how good I did singing, or that the lesson was awesome etc...I wonder. I have since decided, it is because everyone assumes that I know I'm good. Well, I am (j/k) but I still want someone to tell me. I would say this is my greatest stumbling block.....I think this is something like PRIDE!!!

6. I love everything about being a mother! My children are my greatest source of joy! But I also have to is also hard at times, especially with a disabled child. I remember when I was first married saying...."oh, I could never handle having a handicapped child". And after 23 years of changing diapers, feeding someone who can't feed themselves, bathing and dressing them and having to wash bedding every single day....sometimes 3 times a is hard. But I am so grateful that Heavenly Father sent her to me, and to our family, because we do love her and we do take care of her and try to make her life here on earth as comfortable and productive as possible.

7. This one is very embarrassing for me to admit. Whenever I have taught primary, it has been to be the teacher of a class with a handicapped child in it. My first reaction (this is the embarrassing part) is "Don't they realize I need a break?" then I quickly repent and realize that not everyone knows how to work with these children. And then I am their teacher and fall in love with them so quickly....and mean it....and then I am embarrassed that I even had that feeling for a moment!

8. I do not care anymore about things that use to matter, like make-up, hair-do's, shaving my legs. I remember when I was younger I never left the house without being totally put together....ha! Those days are gone, I do at least brush my hair....and on special occasions I do put on make-up, but really with Aileen, I'm just glad I'm dressed and presentable and on time where I am suppose to be... If my husband complained, I would be better at this, but amazingly he thinks I'm beautiful the next life...I'll be put together!

9. I have been known to wear the same clothes for 3 days...without ever taking them off!!!! I know hard to believe! Usually this is because I have been up without going to bed for said same amount of time and haven't taken time to stop and sleep, shower, and get into new clothes. Now that I am working again....this no longer happens! But I am the kind of person that once I get dressed in the morning...that is it for the day....I don't go home and change into something more casual or more comfortable etc....who has time for that?

10. Whew, this has been brutal, I'm so glad I am to my last one.... I love teaching early morning seminary. Did it for 7 years! I miss getting up and being with those wonderful teenagers every day! I miss the forced scripture study and knowledge I had to have while doing it. I miss the blessings that came to my family while I was serving in that capacity. Oh, it was hard, and it was pretty much all I did other than take care of my family and work part time....but it was AWESOME!

O.K., so now the game says that I have to tag 6 others.....I don't know if I can tag, because so few people actually read my blog, I don't want them to stop!!!! I need all the blogging friends I can I will not be offended if the following people do not do this tag.

I tag - nope, can't do it! I appreciate all who visit my blog and make comments in fact I live for it! Love you all!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

My new blog design!

You may have noticed that I have a new blog design. Well, I am the luckiest girl in the world because it was designed just for me by a friend that I have made through blogging! Isn't that incredible? I think it is. She asked me some questions and got to know a little about my personality and then came up with a blog design that looks like my scrap booking! I have no idea how she did that....but it is perfect. And I am so thankful to have met someone, through blogging that is that giving and that willing to share her talents with others! Thank you Sarah! You are amazing! She also is one of the people that is playing my "pay it forward" blogging thank you for that as well....I have what I am going to send you ready to if you would email me with your mailing address, I'll get it sent and then it will be your turn! But thank you for my new beautiful blog....I think you really have already paid it forward!

Visiting Teaching is a blast!

This month we have had so much fun getting our Visiting Teaching done (actually MaryAnn and I always have too much fun, but that's another story) I know I already shared Clara's birthday at Ihop, but I couldn't tell about the rest without starting with her again! After having breakfast at Ihop, we helped Rebecca escape from work for a lunch break to Panera Bread, and while there we ran into Pres. Beasley, that was kind of a neat bonus! Then we had a movie night with Becky and sang to all our favorite Abba songs and then hit Braums! Then the topping of the month would have to be helping surprise Barbara with her 60th Birthday party! We visited her and gave her the lesson so she wouldn't be suspious that her sisters had planned a surprise birthday party for her and then she came to Visit Teach me the next day....and I still didn't give it away, which is a miracle if you think about it. Then MaryAnn and I helped set up and get ready for the party on Saturday and I must say I have never seen anyone so surprised as Barbara! Turning 60 is a very big deal in itself, but more so because she has survived Cancer and MADE IT! Yay! I love these women! I'm so grateful to have this opportunity to share in their life and make lasting friendships!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

O.K. guys, I'm looking bad.....

So far only 1 person has signed up to play the "pay it forward" game (see previous post). Sarah, thank you! .... I will leave this and the last post as my top posts for a couple of more days and if no one else signs up I guess I'll pay it forward to just one person and move on and post other things! I know we are all busy...but this really will be such a neat way to start out the new doing something for someone else....not just at thanksgiving time and Christmas! I have faith in all of you! Give it whirl!!!!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

The "Pay it Forward" game....

This is a fun blogging game my my friend Rachel posted and I replied to so I am paying it forward. The first 3 people to make a comment to this post will receive a small gift with the promise that they would continue to pay it forward. If you would like to participate, here are the rules.

THE RULES: The focus of this is to do an act of kindness without expecting anything in return other than the recipient will, in their turn, pass the kindness along and "pay it forward."I will send a small gift to the first 3 bloggers who post a comment on this entry. In turn, those three will post this information and the game will continue!! The little something you send can be something you made, bought, were given or found, anything you want!! Just a gift that will make the person's day!! If you are interested in participating, simply be one of the first 3 bloggers to leave a comment!! You have to promise that you will then post about this on your blog, link back to me, and then send something to the first three people who sign up to play along through your blog. Doesn't this sound like fun!!??

Here is the link to Rachel's blog

Thanks to those who participate!!!!

Here is what was delivered to me tonight and why I am now paying it forward....

a Willow Tree figurine - "Angel of Miracles" With the beautiful note of:


Thanks for playing my "pay it forward" game. I really enjoy your blog! I hope you like my gift. It reminded me of you. You are a wonderful mother and a beautiful daughter of God. Love, Rachel"

Well, all I can say is I really needed that beautiful note. The note would have been enough without the beautiful figurine, but the figurine just adds to it and will always be a special remembrance in my curio or on my shelf! Thanks Rachel, that is quite a compliment coming from you - the mother of all mother's. I am always in complete awe of you and all that you do. I know that every day that you take care of your family, you are serving your Savior! I am ready to pay it forward....who is up for it??????

The diets on hold -- Girls Scout Cookies are here!!!!

So, a couple of days ago Alan and I decided that Anne Marie and Allison might be getting married some day and we should start trying to loose weight so that they are not embarrassed to have us meet their future in-laws! So is it called an oxy moron if you then order a whole bunch of Girl Scout cookies the next week? or is it called ironic? I can't think of the correct English may not be an oxy moron....but it might be just plane moronic! But sorry girls, you just might have to be embarrassed with fat parents!!!! Maybe in a few more weeks we will be motivated again...but I can guarantee we are eating Girl Scout Cookies first, they only come once a year!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Allison has been called to the R.S. Presidency!

Well, when I got home from Church today....Allison called to let me know that she just got a new calling today to be in her Ward's Relief Society Presidency, 2nd counselor! She has been co-activities committee chairman with a young man in her ward from Russia! When they called her name in sacrament and said what her new calling was she heard him say "oh, no...." afterwards he told her how unhappy he was with this new development and she said that she was sure that her replacement would be just as good, but he wasn't buying it! She is having her activities committee over for dinner today to thank them and kind of as a "it's been fun working with you" kind of a thing. I love that she thought of that.

Then it reminded me of when Anne Marie was in the Single's Ward in Atlanta and she was called to be in the Relief Society Presidency and how proud I was then as well. Amazingly, even though there is 8 yrs difference in these 2 girls of mine they have lead very parallel lives as far as accomplishments, callings, activities, leadership, and compassion! They would be a joy to any mother......fortunately Heavenly Father blessed me with being able to be called their mother!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Children's Book Baby Shower!

The baby shower today was a lot of fun! I was so busy holding all the baby's though, I didn't get very many pictures. I debated on whether to do a slide show or a collage and decided on a collage! I also realized the only picture I had of J and her baby didn't turn out...I feel bad about that but there are pictures of J enjoying looking at all the books that her son received! I did manage to get a picture of Sis. Z and her baby girl. K's house was decorated amazingly...there were Children's books everywhere as well as the stuffed animal or some other kind of prop that went with each book. The food table was imaginative as well --

the food table had books on it as well then also had the food to match the children's story i.e. "If You Gave A Moose A Muffin", so there were muffins etc.... very clever!

The game we had went with the books as well....we had a list of hints and we had to find the books all through her house that went with that hint and then write down the title. All the mother's were very excited because the gift for that game was everyone got to pick a children's book or some chocolate....I opted for the chocolate. Most of the mothers had small children in their home still so I wanted to make sure they got a book, really self sacrificing aren't I? Ha!

It was an awesome shower with a nice attendance, not that you would know it by the pictures I took...because like I said...I didn't take any pictures once people started coming, I was holding babies! Very nice time! Thank you K for all your hard work!

K - PS. I don't think I said cute once in this blog!

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Friday, January 16, 2009

The Kissing Hand

Well, I have to tell you I just spent several hours in a place I have not been in a long time! The Children's book department at Barnes & Noble! Since my youngest is 20, you can image that it has been awhile!

The reason I was there is that our R.S. President is having a joint baby shower for 2 new mothers in our ward and it is a Children's book Shower....each of these mothers have 2 or 3 of the same sex children, so probably do not really need a lot of clothes etc...and she is "The Book Wizard" after all....and I think it is a brilliant idea!

So back to reading and reading and reading all of these children's books...they were awesome! But one made me cry and I don't care how old my children are they are all getting it for Valentines day! It is called "The Kissing Hand" it's a keeper....and one of the mothers is getting it tomorrow! I hope I haven't ruined the surprise!

I'm excited to see what books I debated over and put back....that hopefully others bought...because they were all great and any children's library should have them and then I won't feel so bad that I couldn't buy them ALL!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Visiting Teaching at kind of fun!

Today my partner and I went Visiting Teaching and one of our ladies had a Birthday on Sunday! So we arranged to take her to lunch today to celebrate that special day! Now that's my kind of Visiting Teaching! You gotta luv it!

Also while we were out buying Clara's present, we ran into one of the ladies in our Ward that just had a baby so I was able to hold a baby for awhile! It was fun for me to walk around and pretend that it was my grandson....and it seems that it gave her a chance to get her shopping done a little quicker and without having to worry about the baby! Now it sounds like I did her a favor....but really it was all for me!!!!! He is such a cute baby!

Having Adult Children is GREAT!

My oldest daughter Anne Marie did a very thoughtful thing. She sent Alan, Aileen and I (I'm assuming Allison got one or is getting one too) letters in the mail telling us how much we mean to her! They were tender beautiful letters that meant the world to all of us. Mine is going in my personal history! Thank you dear for doing such a thoughtful thing. Puts me to shame that I haven't done something like this to all my children....but such a precious gift to be given! Thanks again sweetie, I love you!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Funny story....

So, Aileen loves going to church, but she anxiously awaits the closing hymn in Sacrament meeting because she thinks that means we get to go home and have lunch. She knows the first couple of hymns are part of the meeting. But this Sunday she got really excited about the rest hymn inbetween the 2nd and last speaker! She looked at me like 'oh boy, we get to go home now'! She even got up to leave all on her own with a huge smile on her face when the hymn was done. So when she had to sit back down and listen to another speaker she looked at me like I was such a trader or a faker! It was quite funny!

What makes it even funnier is even if Sacrament was done we still have 2 more hours to go through before we go home. But when we do finally go home...she does get to eat!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

It's down!

It's down, all put away, and cleaned up by 10:00 pm Saturday night! Enough said!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Going to the Temple!

The Davila men in front of the Dallas Temple

Today was a beautiful day because Alan and I were able to go to the Temple together which is always a special time when we have someone to watch Aileen so that we can go together instead of trade off....but more importantly it was a beautiful day because I was able to be in the Temple with my seminary students. I was involved in a session with One student who is getting ready to leave on his mission and his brother my other student who just returned not too long ago! It was really amazing. It was exciting because his other two brothers (whom were also my students) did Baptisms for the Dead while we were all involved in the session! I love watching all of my amazing students make correct choice after correct choice! It really was a beautiful day!

Ryan Davila who will be leaving soon on his mission to Chile'

Ryan, Ellery (RM), Colby and Bryce

While we were in Dallas Aileen was happy because she got to spend the afternoon with her friend Katie who always takes such good care of her! She almost forgot to kiss me goodbye as she was pushing me out the door to leave! When we were picking her up Alan says I'll feel bad if she doesn't want to come home with us.....I told him to be happy that she has a friend that she feels that much love and acceptance from and for.....Alan agreed!

Aileen & Katie - having a girls day!

Now I really have to stop postponing getting my Christmas decorations down....I know hard to believe that someone still has theirs up...but hey, at least it is before Valentines day!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Brown Family Calendar - Part 4

This is Alan's younger and only sister, Kris' family! Kris' only grandson Carson, is so cute and as you can see they all adore him!
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Brown Family Calendar-part 3

I guess you know that this is my wonderful family! This is the Alan brown family. Alan is the middle brother and I love this family more than words could ever express! They are my life!
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Brown Family Calendar-part 2.

This Alan's older brother Larry and his family! Alan and I will always be grateful to Larry as he is the one that finally diagnosed Aileen (when she was 2 yrs. old) when all other Doctors and Specialists were afraid to say it! Once we knew what we were up against then we could start therapy and classes and make some progress! Thank you Larry!
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Brown family Calendar 2009 - part 1

Since the new year has started I have been getting the Brown Family calendar ready for 2009 (I usually have it done already for Christmas but I'm running behind this year...but it is coming out now and I wanted to share photo's from 2008 of the Karl William Brown Family This is Alan's younger brother Kevin and his family...I don't know how I lucked out to be apart of such an amazing family when I married my wonderful husband!
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Thursday, January 8, 2009

I'm in trouble!

I'm in trouble....I know some of you are saying "What's new?" but I really can't hardly stop to do anything let alone go to work until I finish these stupid Twilight books! Whose idea was it to give me something so addictive...when they know my personality so well (yes you Becky Wangler) all I do is read and blog, read and blog, read and blog, oh and I might go to work in between there somewhere! But once again I'm not getting any sleep. Good thing I'm almost done with the last one. Does anyone know are there more coming out? Or is the 4th the last one? And now I need to see the movie again.....anyone want to go with? I know I really need to do something about this obsessive behavior! It's crazy!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Thanks everyone!

I wanted to post a thank you to everyone for their thoughts, prayers and support on my worry over sending Aileen on MITS. For those who don't live in Texas who asked me what is MITS, it is the bus/transportation system for disabled people to ride to and from Dr. appointments, schools, day cares, where ever they need to go when no other transportation is available to them. Anyway, it went well. Both the drivers and the Day Care seemed to think everything went just fine. And the Daycare knew the morning driver and said that he is very kind and knows about their clients. The other good thing I felt good about was I recognized other clients from Aileen's day care in the van with they were all going the same place and the older clients do look out for each other so that made it a little less of a worry! So I think it will all be o.k. And I really appreciate everyones concern and support! Thanks for helping me through this transition!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Riding MITS!

Well, I am finally being brave and sending Aileen on MITS tomorrow to her Day Care instead of Alan or I having to take her and pick her up. My job doesn't end soon enough for me to pick her up by 5:00 pm and Alan will no longer be able to leave work early to do we are going to see how Aileen riding MITS works out. We have not tried before becuase we worried about if the drivers would really understand that she is like a 3 yr old even though she is 23 and will need to be lead where ever she goes and they will need to seat belt her in and then walk her to the Day Care. Both the Day Care and MITS have assured me it should be o.k., but Alan and I are praying really hard that all will go well! I mean what happens when she starts rocking and flapping her hands an being more vocal? I can't believe we have to send our little girl off on her own! The only good news is....if we don't feel good about it or something happens we can always try to figure something else out....but she has her pass attached to her backpack and we shall see.....Did I tell you this is going to be hard tomorrow? Well, it is! Everyone please pray for Aileen!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Goofing around at Botanical Gardens

My new primary class!

I met my new primary class today for the first time and I love it! They are such sweet children and were very anxious to participate. It's going to be another great year! Love them already! Tanner, Adam, Eve, Erin, and Isabelle

It's still Saturday 1-3-09

I don't care what time the computer clock says....I'm still awake on Saturday night (really Sunday Morning now) and so it is still Saturday!

Friday 1-2-09 I was the only one in my family that had to work that day....can I tell you it really did not seem fair! Allison and her Dad had been planning on spending some one on one time together before she has to go back to when I got home from work they went and saw the movie "Seven Pounds" Allison said it was really good (being a theatre major she can always appreciate movies) Alan liked it as well, however he said it is not an entertaining movie. But they both enjoyed it and enjoyed seeing it together. I have not been able to figure out what the movie is about from the previews....nor would either of them tell me...they said you have to see will ruin it otherwise! Interesting!

Today is the last day that Allison is here. She goes back to Provo tomorrow. Because of this My sister Elizabeth wanted to come and spend one last afternoon with Allison. Allison is always busy while home catching up with friends and dates we have to try and fit everything around her schedule. Elizabeth drove down from Rowlett and it was about 1:00 and we were off, however, I have been telling my mother for a long time that her tires looked flat, and my Dad said something about her tires looking flat, and Elizabeth has been very worried about her tires being flat. So we stopped at a Gas Station on the way out to lunch to fill her tires with air.

First we didn't have a gage, or know how much pressure should be in we read in the manual and found out how much pressure....then we sent Allison in to buy a tire gage....then we got the quarters necessary to make the air work.....well, long story short.......we made the tires more flat and couldn't get air in the tires at all!!!!! So then we had to quickly drive to a Discount tire and wait in line and then embarrassingly tell 3 repair men that we had tried to fill our mother's tires with air, but that now they were flat....I think we brightened their day! Yes, they did laugh, but one of them came out and looked at them and then told us to pull around to the last stall and they would fill the tires for us! You know what they say "No good deed goes unpunished" The thing that was most frustrating to me is that this is so like my family -- we say we are going to stop and do something really quick and 2 hours later we are still dealing with the fallout. This time it did not take that long but you get the idea....I think next time we should take my car and then on the way to going somewhere we can stop and fix my brakes! j/k!

Elizabeth and I trying to put air in the tires and making them more flat

The Discount Tire guy REALLY putting air into the tires

Then we finally made it to the "Olive Garden" for a girls lunch out and it tasted so good! Since my sister got a new very expensive very nice camera for Christmas we went to the Botanical Gardens to take some fun pictures.

Then we went home and Allison went off to her things and Elizabeth, mom, and I watched a DVD "The Women" which I had already seen at the movie theatre with my dear friend Rebecca when it 1st came out.......but was thrilled to see it again with my Mom and sister!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Eve - Bringing In 2009!

For several years now New Years Eve has been very low key! Too much worry about being out traveling with all the drunk drivers. I still miss going Dancing with my husband on New Years Eve, but until I can find somewhere that isn't going to be crazy I'm happy to celebrate with my family.

Allison wanted to spend New Year's Eve at my sister Elizabeth's home....I mean who wouldn't they have the greatest home theatre I have ever seen. they have leather reclining chairs for 6 with cup holders and everything. They have HD Big Screen TV and now have the new Blue Ray DVD player with Blue Ray movies which is an incredible picture...better than any movie theatre and amazing surround sound!

We signed up to take the Sister Missionaries to dinner so we took them to Cousin's for a celebratory New Year's Eve dinner and I don't know if it had just been long enough...or if they had a really good cook that night...but it was delicious, even better than I remember! We also found out that Sister Green's mother and Alan grew up together and their families did everything was the Browns, the Ellis's, and the Holladay's that went to Canyonlands, the Heber Cabin, etc.... and Sister Green is Lisa Holladay's (now Green) daughter we about fell out of our chair when we discovered that. So of course we had to call Mom Brown and tell her and then call Lisa and tell her we were taking good care of her daughter! This makes Sis. Green family...we are very excited.

Sister Green and Sister Wilde

Earlier in the day, and this is why Aileen misses her sisters, Allison gave Aileen a manicure and Aileen loved it. She picked out the color and everything! Then Grandma Clay took Allison to lunch for a Grandma/Granddaughter date and they ended up getting pedicures and said that would teach me for being too tired to go....and they are correct, I love pedicures!

Then we headed to Elizabeth's (Rowlett, TX) and laughed and played cards all night! Canasta the Clay traditional card game, and then Shanghi which is the Brown traditional card game. Let's just say I had a very good night with cards!!! I won all the Canasta games and I almost made the zero club in Shanghi made it all the way to 3 sets before I got caught! Darn it. That would have been a great way to start 2009! Oh, well I have all year to try and make that goal!

Happy New Year to everyone and 2009 is going to be a great year!