Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas traditions

We have a new tradition that has started in our family and it came about by my dear friend Bessie Treber! Every year Bessie and her husband go to Florida and visit Disney World and for the past few years, they always bring back a Christmas gift for Aileen of a Disney shirt!! This years has all the Disney characters on it and Aileen adored it!! Here is a picture of her the first time she got to wear it!

The other one is the Christmas Eve PJ's that everyone always gets!! When Allison and John get here I hope that we will get to take a picture of them all together in their matching PJ's!!! But its just nice knowing that they all match where ever they are celebrating Christmas!!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

We pray that everyone has a Merry Christmas and a blessed 2012!!! From our family to yours!

3rd sock down and 2 more to go......

So, no, I did not get them all done before Christmas, but I did get 3!! Tomorrow Allison will be in town (John will be here too,but with the BYU Football team, so not with us) so I have taken off the week of sewing to spend with my Daughter and then on Friday after BYU wins ;) the Armed Forces Bowl John will be with us too!! We are very anxious to see them again, it feels like forever, even though its only been since August!! We are sad that Anne Marie can't be with us, when you work in the medical field there are no holidays!! But she did get to spend Christmas Eve with Allison and John, and Christmas day with my Brother Edward and his family so she has been with family and that has made it better!!

We had a lovely Christmas Eve dinner and Family Home Evening at my Sister Elizabeth's house with the traditional foods, telling of the Christmas Story with hymns, and opening presents from family!! It was a beautiful evening!

Today, Aileen woke up and opened her gifts from Santa, ate her orange and candy from her sock and then we all went to Church, where as a member of the Choir we celebrated the birth of our Savior!! Everyone in the Choir was struggling with colds and soar throats etc... but I had Alan give me a blessing and I made it through and we had Angels singing with us today because it was beautiful!!

Now, we are just waiting and anxious to pick Allison up tomorrow morning!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

2nd one down and 3 more to go.....

This is the 2nd Christmas sock done for the Rex family in as many weeks!! Normally socks cannot be made this fast - its about 30 - 40 hrs of hand sewing and sequining, cutting and stuffing my fingers are all pricked from needles and my eyes are crossing from trying to thread the needle in an eye that is small enough to have little tiny beads go over the eye too!! But I've never had so much fun!! It definitely feels like Christmas. Unfortunately there is no way I'm going to get them all done by Christmas but I am going to ship out the two girls and since they are the only ones home for Christmas this year at least that will work. And I'm going to try and get one more done really quick and overnight it so they can at least have 3 of them....but we shall see, sometimes my ideas and expectations are unrealistic.......ya think? ha, ha, ha!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

1st of 5

I have the first of 5 Christmas Socks that I am trying to make for the Rex family before Christmas!! The only camera that I have to take pictures with is my cell phone and it's not one of those nice iPhone's so you can't see all the detail, but you can get the idea! I'm happy with how it turned out!! when you are sewing for others and not just your immediate family, there is more pressure on making sure it looks good. But I'm pleased!

Friday, December 9, 2011

You know your old when......

You know you are old when you have to wear a head light to work on embroidering, sequining, and appliqueing Christmas Socks!! I have been working on the Christmas socks for John's family and I had been complaining to Alan that I didn't have enough light and that I was really having to strain to see to thread the needle etc... so he brought me in his camping head light. I can't believe I got so excited and put it right one and it made all the difference!!! Alan laughed so hard at me with it on sewing he said "I gotta get a picture of this" So I let matter who goofy I looked!! Then we started talking about my "big head" and he told a story about my big head, that I don't remember at all, and told him never to repeat as we were laughing hysterically and I was hitting him with my pillow!! Really, he can never repeat that story!!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Weekend in Iola, Kansas

Friday after work, I left immediately to meet my sister, Elizabeth, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where she had been on business so we could have some sister bonding time, stay in a fabulous hotel, and then get up the next morning and drive the rest of the way to Iola, Kansas, for my niece's baby shower, another sister, Kim's, daughter-in-law!! We continued the fun sister bonding and it really was so nice for the 3 of us to be together again!! This will be my first great-niece on the Clay side of the family!! While we were in Tulsa, Elizabeth treated me to a fancy restaurant, Flemings Steak House, and had a scrumptious dinner!! My steak was so tender it fell apart when I tried to cut it!! and the Flemings potatoes where to die for!! S0000 Good!

For Kristen and Jimmie's baby, Elizabeth and I talked about what kind of gift we wanted to get her and was she registered anywhere etc... and then all of a sudden I remembered that while going through my mother's things I found a pattern for a sequined Christmas Stocking that Mom had obviously been waiting for her first great grandchild to make, so I got busy and in 3 days of staying up til the wee hours of the morning I was able to make the Christmas Stocking that my Mom, had bought, and started cutting out!! We did get her other gifts too, but we were excited about the stocking.

The reason this is so meaningful is that My grandmother Clay started this tradition when my brothers and sisters and I were all small! Grandma Clay made them for all 10 of her children and their spouses and then she made one for each grandchild as they came along! After I got married I continued on the tradition and if you have followed my blog at all you have seen previous pictures of ones I have made or of our Christmas Stockings hanging at the fireplace etc... and the story behind them. My sister Kim, also continued the tradition by making these fancy sequined stockings for all of her children, Elizabeth has made them for her family, Ruth hers etc....

Kim loved the thought that it was something that Mom would have wanted to give to Kristen and Jimmies baby, and when my nephew, Jimmie, saw the stocking he immediately zeroed in on it and thought it was fabulous that I had made one for his new baby daughter, and knew the significance of my making it as a tradition, but like my sister Kim, was really touched when he found out it was something Grandma had bought and had been waiting to make for her first great grandchild!!

Since I didn't have this brilliant idea until 3 days before the shower I was up all night at the hotel embroidering, appliqueing, and sequining all night finishing --and in fact I got done around 5:00 am Saturday morning. Elizabeth helped me finish the stocking and made the kitty have the cutest face I have ever seen!! I'm so glad I hadn't done that yet -- because she is the pro of cute stocking faces!!

On the way to Iola, we had to stop in Chenute at a fast food restaurant called "Taco Johns" because Elizabeth could not stop raving about it and that I HAD TO TRY IT!! It was good but what was the best about it was Elizabeth's excitement that they had one.......until now she had only been able to eat at Taco Johns in Montana!!

The shower was delightful. It was so fun to see Kristen and Jimmie again since they have moved away from us here in Texas!! My niece, Valeree, had to work and couldn't be at the shower so we went and saw how Kristen and her mom had decorated the baby's room, visited with Kim and her family for a while and then went and saw Valeree's new apartment/house that she is living in now. We took her out to dinner and Elizabeth had just been to New Orleans on business and picked up a Mask that made her think of the Masquerade Ball in the Phantom of the Opera and since Valeree is a theatre arts major in college she brought that to her.

On the way home we caravaned and had fun zooming home, but we did have to stop and sleep for about 30 to 45 minutes so we were later than we thought in getting home, plus we just had a hard time leaving - so I got home about 4:45 this morning!! But it was such a wonderful weekend. I really felt so many feelings this weekend, that I haven't felt with such strength for awhile, like how much I miss Mom, how fun it would have been if she could have been with us. How much she would love to be getting ready for her first great grand child. Then of course realizing, she has already met her and probably been getting her ready to meet all of us!!

It really was just a very good weekend!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Catching up.....

And the winner of Dancing with the Stars is JR Martinez and Karina Smirnoff!! Who can be mad that the war hero won! Not me! Even though I believe that Ricki Lake was the better dancer and I liked her free style, but I have to admit, that Rob and Cheryl had a killer "Free Style" I really thought he could have won. And I will say, JR and Karina had a show stopping "free style" dance as seen below and therefore took home the mirror-ball trophy!!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, even though it was just Alan, Aileen, and myself, it was very relaxing, no pressure, no cooking, no fuss, it was GREAT!! We did get invited to join Barbara's (my step mom) family for Thanksgiving and as always it was nice to be together and visit. Aunt Beverly always has wonderful food, lots of room to gather, and beautiful big screen tv's to watch the football games on!! This year was fun because my step brother, Chris, brought a girlfriend for us to meet! She is a beauty and after meeting her and talking with her it is clear she is as beautiful on the inside too! My understanding is that Chris has never brought a girlfriend to meet the family so this is serious stuff going on here and Chris is going to her family for Christmas!!

Chris and Ashley
Alan and I finally were able to celebrate his birthday!! He was sick, I was sick, Aileen was sick, then I had to work full days instead of getting off early on Wednesday's and Friday's so that we could go before Aileen got home from Day Care --- so finally we celebrated!! We went to see "Tower Heist" and went to dinner at Salt Grass!! It was a great date and we had fun being together just the two of us!!

I have had an awesome compliment from my daughter's mother-in-law!! She saw the Christmas socks that I made for John and Allison and asked if I could make some for her family!! Of course I will be happy to make their Christmas Socks and here is one of them that we picked out for the Dad!! As soon as they get here, whenever you see me from now on, I will be embroidering and sequining away!!

And this you are going to die over.......I have seen "Breaking Dawn" part 1 four times!! I know, I know, its crazy right? But in my own defense, its because different people ask me to go see it with them and I just can't say NO!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dancing with the Stars - the finale!

So my favorite show - Dancing with the stars will have its finale tomorrow night and I am very excited. I'm happy with who is in the finale - I would have been very sad if Hope Solo had made it - she is a great athlete I'm sure, but she is not a dancer but even more so I would have been unhappy because of the attitude.


I'm going to go on a little rant here for a minute - I think Maks has soured Hope for many people. First off, I don't think Maks should be back on the show again! His attitude is terrible and he is mean to his dance partners while in training! I think everyone was shocked on the footage we saw before the group dance a couple of weeks ago! Thank heaven's Derek was nice to her when Maks stormed out and that Cheryl also helped her nicely get ready for the team dance. I thought he was supposed to be the professional!!! And him going off on the judges was bad, bad, bad. No one wants to see that. The judges say what some might call "mean" things to EVERYONE! That's their job to tell what is wrong, or what they need to improve on, and the people who listen like Rob, and Ricki, come back and then get rave reviews because they listened and tried to improve. Last season, when Mark Ballas started going off on the judges, I was worried and started not liking watching them because of it....and I loved when his partner said that she thought he was hurting their chances because it seemed as if they were saying they deserved something or were entitled to something and no one is that.....I loved that he listened, he stopped and they went all the way to the finals because they worked hard and they were good and they didn't act like they were entitled!! I think Mark is an incredible choreographer, but I still didn't like him so much when he fought with the judges.

Another thing that I thought was so very unprofessional was all the swearing that Maks and Hope did about - forget the judges with a much worse word then "forget" used and Hope saying she didn't even want to look at the judges etc... if Maks really was the "professional" he would have told her to hold her head high and listen and act professional. And I was really incensed when Hope told everyone that the judges have wanted her gone since the beginning.....Sweetie, you need to hit replay and watch the previous shows, they actually wanted you to stick around and I thought they favored you over others that maybe should have still been there....can anyone say David Arquette! He wanted to be there and was willing to work hard.

I won't even go into Maks comment about "It's my show", I do think it was a language thing....that came out wrong....but not helping his case any! I did wonder however, what all the other professional dancers who come and work hard and take the criticism professionally and just try to help their celebrities get better - felt about his comment!! And I'm glad that ABC or the show has kept Maks and Hope off of the talk show circuit! who wants to hear more of them!! NOT ME!

And my last rant and I can't really rant, because I didn't vote - I think the last 4 should have been, J.R. Martinez, Ricki Lake, China Phillips, and Rob Kardashian - I would have never thought that I would be cheering for Rob, but he has worked really hard, listened to Cheryl and the judges and has really become a dancer so fun to watch. Cheryl is a great choreographer and teacher.

But if there was anyone who could say - "It's my show" it would be Derek Hough, but he would never say so. There is no one who can choreograph like Derek!! I love to watch every dance and I loved getting to see him really perform his spotlight dance, the Flamingo, I think it was - that was Wow, there are no words for how incredible that was. And I loved his and Anna's Paso that the fans voted for them to dance! He has always choreographed amazing dances and I knew he had to be a good teacher, but I have loved seeing this season, that he can choreograph/teach great dances no matter the size of his partner - he has always had skinny celebrities to dance with - and Ricki I do not think was fat, but she was not the normal skinny celebrity he has gotten in the past either. He is just good!

O.k., done with the rant. It will be fun to see what everyone does. J.R. Martinez is amazing and a war hero and someone who is just happy and fun to watch and he is the favorite. But I still hope that Ricki Lake wins, I've loved her attitude of just working hard and getting it perfect and then going out and performing it beautifully! But I also, hard to believe, wouldn't mind if Rob Kardashian won - he really is what the competition is all about, about not being a dancer and then every week just getting better and better because of hard work and then winning! So, really I'll be happy with any, but still my favorite is Ricki Lake.

Can't wait to see!

Saturday - what a great day!

Saturday was a lot of fun.

First, I had a baby shower to go to. It was for a young woman of our congregation/ward that is not very active so Becky Wangler and Shelby Denti wanted to have a shower for her so that more people could meet her and get to know her and hopefully have her feel more comfortable around us. There was a good turn out, but funny thing, she had her baby Thursday and it was a c-section so she wasn't even getting home from the hospital until later I think they did a brilliant thing. They video taped us all opening our own gifts to her and us telling her what we got her and congratulations etc...! And we all still got to visit and eat goodies and see what everyone gave her. I thought it was brilliant!

Second, I then rushed home so that I could pick up Alan and Aileen and we all headed to the Oliver Garden restaurant so that we could be at a surprise birthday party for David Ukle! He turned 50 this year and according to his wife has never had a birthday it was really nice to get to be apart of this one!!

Third, Alan then had to rush home and change to a suit to go up to Stake Leadership Meetings at 4:30pm and then Aileen and I met him at 7:00 pm for the Adult meeting of our Stake Conference. It was a good evening with good talks and messages.

Fourth, we hurried home to watch BYU trample over New Mexico State and see our son-in-law on TV on the sidelines doing his athletic trainer thing - awesome!

Finally, you add that I got to talk to both of my girls that live far away and you know..........

It was a great day!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Midnight at the movies!!


Yes, I'm a dork, and Yes, I was at the movie theatre at midnight to see the "Breaking Dawn" movie part 1!!! In fact, for the first time I was able to go to the movie theatre early and sit through the 3 previous movies of the Twilight saga before seeing the new one at midnight!! I had an awesome time!! My favorite thing has always been to "go to the movies" so to get to see 4 all in one evening was amazing

I also, thought that "Breaking Dawn" part 1 was really well done, and I can't wait to go and see it again!!! Like I said, I'm a dork.........but a good one!! lol!

Oh, yeah, and we took our visiting teach sisters with us!!! MaryAnn Stephens and I had a great time with Becky Wangler, Lacy lassiter, and Shawna Rhea. Yay for Visiting Teaching!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Chosen Generation

Today's Gospel Doctrine lesson for Sunday School was 1&2 Peter and Jude and talked about a chosen generation. Now I don't know about you all, but when I hear that, I think about the youth today. I've always know that they are 0lder than we adults spiritually and there is no doubt that they are heads and tails more knowledgeable in the Gospel then I was at their age, and that their testimonies are stronger at a younger age because they are the "Chosen Generation" for these last days.....they have to be stronger, more committed and more sure of their testimony because of the World today and all the temptations that are more "in your face" then they were when I was a teenager.

But the lesson brought out that we are all a chosen generation. And a couple of times while thinking of this lesson, I visualized having posters all over the room of scripture hero's. I told Alan about my idea, and that several times I had the prompting of using these posters I had seen online and at Moon's LDS Book Store in Dallas. And I love Alan because he said, "Well, lets grab Aileen and go then, because you always want to follow inspiration".

So my room was filled with these beautiful posters of Scripture Hero's and I started by asking the question - when you see these posters what does it make you think of? I got awesome answers like - amazing stories from the scriptures, obedience, great faith etc...

Then I asked, When I tell you that the lesson is titled "A Chosen Generation" what do you think of when you see these posters? And I got great answers, like they were all Chosen for a specific purpose in their generation, they are the examples, examples that we hold up to the youth today and say they need to have courage to stand up for truth like these larger than life characters in the scriptures, etc...

I then quoted Elder Bruce R. McConkie's quote that a chosen generation is “not those living in a particular period or age, but … the house of Israel both anciently, in the meridian of time, and now in these latter-days. … [It includes] faithful members of the Church who have taken upon themselves the name of Christ and been adopted into his family” (Doctrinal New Testament Commentary, 3 vols. [1966–73], 3:294).

Then I talked about how we are a chosen generation and then throughout the lesson referred to the posters of the hero's. I think it really set an amazing tone to the start of the lesson that continued all the way to the end.

I wish I could have gotten the whole room in one picture so you could really get the feel, but even though it had to be broken up into 3 pictures. I think you get the idea. I am always grateful for the blessing of inspiration that the Lord continues to bless me with so that I can fulfill my calling and hopefully help others to feel their Heavenly Father and Savior's unconditional love for them!

I know that I feel it daily! I am a daughter of a King and part of a chosen generation and I have a purpose on the earth today!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Guest's for the weekend!!

We have company for the weekend!! Our Nephew Steven Brown and his family are here visiting and have been a joy to have in our home!! What a delightful little family He and Teresa have. Miriam is 9 and Dallin is 5! I have learned that my house is no longer child proofed but nothing I own materially is more important than family!!

Steven has worked for the Mayo Clinic as a statistician, then for a drug company where he helped test and do statistics for new drugs that they are trying to get approved for consumer use, and now he has been hired by a hospital in Dallas so they will be moving to the Dallas area very soon!!

It will be fun to have more family close here in Texas.....and Teresa (Steve's wife) has family in Houston, so that will be nice for her as well.

They originally asked if they could live with us for awhile until they could find the "right place" and we told them of course but also felt that they needed to understand what living with Aileen and our crazy schedule is like, so I think this weekend is kind of a "test" to see if they would be comfortable living with us for a couple of months.

We will see if we have passed the test!! But either way, its going to be great to have them close by!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sarah the Artist!

My niece Sarah Hauser is turning into a great artist. I know that she is being tested for the gifted program to which Grandma Barbara said "She will definitely get in" and since Grandma Barbara is a teacher she is someone you can listen to on that. And after seeing Sarah's latest accomplishment I believe that if she isn't already in the gifted program that is definitely where she belongs!!

Sarah won the Dr. Frandsen Art Award

Art Student of the Month for the 2nd grade.

The theme of her artwork here is: Diversity

The hair and clothes of the paper dolls were created from paper and fabric and I am very impressed with the intricate work she created!!

Congratulations Sarah!! We are so proud of you!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Gospel Doctrine Class - "I Have Finished My Course"

Today's lesson was New Testament, 1 & 2 Timothy and Titus and the title is a statement by the Apostle Paul "I Have Finished My Course" for the attention activity they suggested asking questions about racing, about finishing races, how many winners, how our life is like a race, etc.

All week long after I had read the lesson I kept thinking about an email that my son-in-law's father sent me in 2009 about his experience of running his first marathon. When he sent it to me I remembered thinking this experience he has shared with us (everyone he emailed) is such a great metaphor for life and I saved it, thinking that some day I might want to refer to it for a lesson or talk. Well, 2 yrs later I did.

I started my lesson with the following excerpts from his story:

"...The first eight miles flew by. I hardly remember them. We ran about a 10:45 pace up through mile 19 or 20. By then, the fatigue starting kicking in as both the long run and the heat began to really take their toll.

"...[My] daughter Becky ran from the finish line out to mile 22, met me there, and then ran on in with me. That was pretty cool. I was very glad to have her along with me. We didn't talk much, because I was quite focused on keeping going at that point, but I felt her encouragement as we pounded the hot pavement and put one foot in front of the other. Marianne (his wife) was waiting at mile 24 and ran in the last two with us. That was great too... although in many ways I wasn't very tuned into their presence. My brain was definitely focused on just making my body do what was required to get to the finish line. I knew there was no way I was going to quit after having gone so far. I couldn't truly imagine quitting at mile 22 or 23 or 24 or even 25, even though my body really, really wanted me to. Those last four miles were certainly the most physically grueling experience of my life. ...By then, my right knee was finally numb (which I was quite thankful for since it had been screaming at me since about mile 14) and a nail on my right foot informed me that it no longer wanted to stay connected to its toe."

"My training program really emphasized mental focus and preparation. I had practiced many of the program's visualization and focus techniques over the 5 months, but in those final four miles I ended up using something that was totally new for me and very basic. I simply began to mentally chant, "I will not quit, I will not quit." Then, in a way that was quite spiritual for me, I put the chant to music, adopting the melody from the last two lines of the hymn Press Forward Saints. So my chant became, "I will not quit, no I will not quit. I will not quit. I will not quit. I will not quit." This might seem weird, cheesy or overly churchy to others, but it was quite meaningful and powerful for me -- the combination of my assertive language and the resolute tone and tempo of the hymn gave me the strength and determination to keep going."

"I finally crossed the finish line. I had expected that to be a very jubilant moment, but it was almost surreal. I couldn't quite believe that it was over, that I had gone the full 26.2, and that I had indeed finished my first marathon. In fact, I was pretty disoriented. Maybe the heat had gotten to me or maybe I was just fully and completely exhausted. More likely, it was both. I kind of wandered around a bit, looking for water and shade, and unsure if I should sit or walk, stretch or lay down. Marianne and Becky kind of followed me around asking what I needed or what they could do for me. The event organizers were serving all the runners strawberry shortcake. Once I got my senses about me, that's what I wanted. I had two huge helpings and immensely savored every wolfed-down bite."

"[I] finished in about 5 hours flat. That was on the long side of what I had expected to do (I figured 4 1/2 to 5 hours), but I have no disappointment about it. My goal was to complete a marathon and that's exactly what I did."

I then asked the question - What similes are there in this story and to the course that we are trying to run/finish in our lives?

  • enduring to the end

  • That he did not remember much before mile 8 (much of our life before the age of 8 is not remembered)

  • The "I will not quit"

  • That even though he had done all the training programs of mental focus and visualization that it was the spiritual that got him through

  • That he did not have to run alone - Becky & Marianne ran beside him, (much like we are not asked to go through life alone)

  • That it was a Hymn that gave him strength

  • That even though he had pain and struggles that was not what he focused on in his story, it was the lessons learned, and the spiritual that he remembered

  • The great reward at the end

  • That even if he wasn't able to do it in the time he had hoped to, he was not disappointed (so many things in this life relate to that)

  • That he met his goal

    • There were others, I know, but that gives you the idea.....and then we went on to talk about the things that Paul teaches us that we need to do -

      To finish my course, I must:

    • Learn and teach true doctrine

    • Be an example of the believers

    • Follow after righteousness and deny ungodliness

      • But I loved how this awesome journal entry helped start out the lesson so beautifully! Another cool part of this is that most of the people of our Ward had met John Rex, Sr. at the wedding reception here it Tx, so that added an extra, "oh, I know this person" kind of meaning to the story!!

        I'm always so grateful and humbled that when I listen to the spirit tell me to "save a story" or to "use a story" that it is a great teaching moment and an instrument in strengthening mine and others testimonies of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

        Weekend update......

        So, sad, the Ranger's lost the World Series. I really couldn't believe that we didn't win the 6th game -- 11 innings and 3 times that they were 1 strike away from winning and the Cardinals win. Crazy and even though I hoped against it, once that happened I figured that the Cardinals would win the World Series, I didn't dare speak it, but I wasn't too surprised even though I yelled at the TV all night. Then I would go and check on the TCU/BYU game when the World Series game 7 got too stressful and then BYU was losing. Basically BYU gave TCU 3 touchdowns by punting errors!! There I was in my sick bed wanting good things and both games were sad!!

        I think BYU would have won if they would have sent John with them on this road trip as one of the Athletic trainers..............I'm just sayin!!!

        The guy in the BYU shirt is pointing at John's back -- picture is of John getting a football player ready by wrapping (I think maybe it's called taping) his ankles etc.. So this is what the football room looks like.

        Saturday some friends of ours were having an estate sale of their parents home and they told me there was some antique luggage. Now, ever since Allison has started doing her photography she had mentioned that she would like old luggage as props. I have been tempted at different times to just go to an antique store and pay a lot of money and just get them for her. But something in the back of my mind told me to be patient and just check out garage sales whenever I see them and eventually I would find success. Now, me not being the patient person that I am, fought against this a couple of times, but have waited and this weekend found success and it only cost me $26.00 ($35.00 total, but last day discount of 25%) Yay!!
        I'm also excited because the last time I went to the movie, I saw my first trailer for my favorite series of Books the Stephanie Plum novels by Janet Evonovich that is coming out in December, I think. "One for the Money" - I can't wait.

        Wednesday, October 26, 2011


        Testimony, you never know where you are going to be bearing it. It could be talking on your cell phone to your sister while waiting in the drive through lane at Sonic, it could be while talking to your children, it could be while doing your calling at church, OR, it could be at the Doctor's office that you work at.

        Today after our last patient had left for the day I had an interesting experience with the Doctor I work for. I guess with all the talk on the news etc. of whether we are Christians, or a cult, it has made people randomly talk about "Mormons" for no apparent reason. Luckily, I am not the first member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons) to work for this Doctor. So he knows quite a bit about what we believe. He himself is Jewish and very religious, very devout. So when one of our patients said something about us (Mormons) not believing in Jesus Christ, he immediately told them that was not true, and that our Church was even called, "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints" - BRAVO Doctor!! Of course he likes to remind everyone that Jesus Christ was Jewish!! Indeed he was.

        As he was telling me about correcting this misunderstanding by one of our patients, he went into a whole spiel to something of the effect, that all religions were good and that if God only wanted one religion on the earth, he would tell us, He would appear to man and He would make it happen. And that if God had told him that there was only one true church he (the Doctor) would let everyone know, so we could all be apart of it, and maybe a few other sentences along this line. Now normally when religion comes up because he is Jewish and very devoted to his belief's I just listen and shake my head, comment when appropriate, but because he is my boss, I do not get into religious debates. But I have to tell you when he said those particular statements, I looked right at him and said......

        "Then I feel that I should let you know that God has appeared to man. That Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father did appear to Joseph Smith. And that God the Father through Jesus Christ did tell Joseph Smith that none of the Churches on the earth were the true church, that he should join none of the them and that he would have Joesph Smith bring the gospel back to the earth through him as our prophet in the latter days. And that I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only true church on the earth today."

        He told me that he knew that was what I believed and that he would have been disappointed if I had said anything else.

        I went home and told my husband about this experience and before I got to the last part about what the Doctor said in response, he looked at me and said, "so do you still have a job tomorrow?" ha-ha!! Yes, of course! We have been promised that when we Stand for Truth, or Stand with Jesus Christ we will lose nothing!

        But if anyone would like more information about my church or if you still have any concerns about if we are Christians please go to or ask me!!

        Tuesday, October 25, 2011

        A mother's right to brag......

        Saturday night Anne Marie calls to tell me that she has been invited to become a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society at Salt Lake Community College!! I'm so excited for her because I know that she has worked hard to keep her grades up and it is nice to be recognized for doing so!!

        I think there are some good benefits for being apart of this society but whether she joins or not, she knows that she earned the privilege to be a member! Great job Anne Marie we are proud of you!

        Monday, October 24, 2011

        It's not me after all.....

        Happy day, it's not me after all!! In a previous post a told you that I thought I was jinxing the Texas Rangers because whenever I watch the whole game from the beginning to end and not just tune in at the 7th or 8th inning they lose! But I watched game 4 of the World Series from beginning to end (I couldn't help myself) and it was an awesome game to see and they won!!! My mother always told me that "everything is not about you, Lois" and she as always is correct!! But I will say I'm relieved lol! Derek Holland did an awesome job of shutting out the St. Louis Cardinals and the last few minutes of the game gave me a heart attack. But they won and now the series is tied up 2 each. Can't wait to see tonight's game! GO RANGERS!!!

        Sunday, October 23, 2011

        Weekend update

        I was so excited that BYU won and won big!! TCU did the same thing, so they are gearing up for their match up this coming Friday!! I told Alan he definitely needs to get tickets for this, especially if John is coming with the team for that game as an Athletic Trainer.....We won't know until Monday or Tuesday if he is coming or not, but either way its going to be a great game and he should be there.

        (John is on the right side of the football player)

        We saw John several times on T.V. during the game and not just quick little shots, but times on the air where we really got to see him for several seconds before moving on. So it was a good time to go and get a picture of John from the televised Idaho State/BYU game. We always love seeing our son-in-law on t.v.

        The sad news is that the Ranger lost their game on Saturday!! I kept thinking they were going to have a comeback, but I guess it just wasn't their game. I worry that I jinxed them, because Texas never wins if I watch the whole game.....and I did watch the whole game. So Game 4, I'm going to go back to ignoring the game until the 7th or 8th inning and then start watching!! They seem to win when I do that. So I will do my part! Goooooo Rangers!!

        For my Gospel Doctrine Sunday school class today, It was on the letters that Paul wrote to the Philippians, Colossians, and Philemon but started with the 13th Article of Faith, where it talks about that we follow the admonition of Paul..... And talked about where does the admonition of Paul that Joseph Smith talks about come from..... Philippians 4:8. But as I was thinking about the 13th Article of Faith all week long in preparation of what I was going to teach, I kept visualizing our Family picture of us all laughing and enjoying life blown up in B&W at Kinko's with the 13th article of Faith below it. So that is what I did, and it did look like...."if there is anything virtuous, lovely, or praiseworthy or of good report, we seek after these things"!!

        I'm now going to take this 24 x 36 B&W printed copy and frame it and put it above my bed so that every night and every morning it will be the 1st and last thing that I see with the admonition of Paul below it!!

        Friday, October 21, 2011

        Texas Rangers win game 2 of the World Series!!

        My father is a huge baseball fan and loves watching the Rangers. Baseball is a long drawn out game I feel most times, but my Dad loves to watch and keep score in his program and has a deep love for America's favorite pastime!! I think it is because it is the one sport he played and was good at. I love watching the Rangers "live and in person" for any game but I don't usually watch the games on TV. But if they are in the World Series I'm glued to the TV every game!! Last nights game was so exciting in the 9th inning!! What a way to win the game. My favorite part is that the commentators had written off the game and figured it was over and that St. Louis had won, but they don't understand the fighting mentality of the Texas Rangers!! And they won, by running bases....the old fashion way of winning baseball games!! I love it.

        Ian Kinsler and Elvis Andrus delivered back-to-back singles in the ninth inning Thursday night before Hamilton and Michael Young brought them in with a pair of sacrifice flies, allowing Texas to tie the World Series with a 2-1 victory over the St. Louis Cardinals in Game 2.Read more:

        Tuesday, October 18, 2011

        Seminary, oh, how I love my students.....

        As a former seminary teacher, it is so wonderful to watch my former students continue to wait for and make correct choices in their life!! Bruce Malone graduated seminary, served a mission to Mongolia, graduated BYU in April, has started his masters program, and a few weeks ago was Married in the Mount Tempanogas Temple for time and all eternity!! Congratulations Bruce, I'm so happy for you!! Your parents told me it was perfect in every way and I can't wait to celebrate with you at the open house here in Texas!! It has been such a joy to be apart of your life during your teenage years and see the awesome man you have become!!


        It has been a long time since I have been to Babes restaurant, so when a couple of my girlfriends asked me to go to lunch with them on Friday, I was kind of excited, because they do have good smoked (roasted) chicken! The company was awesome as well!! Thanks Becky Wangler and Shawna Rhea for thinking of me!! It had been a long hard week so it was a nice way to start the weekend!

        Saturday, October 15, 2011


        I honor of Allison's birthday I would like to show a few of my favorite shots of the work she has done with her photography!! This in no means is all that I love, because there are so many its hard to choose -- but these are some of the ones that made me go "Wow, how does she do that!" You can see all of her work on her website. Allison Rex Photography.