Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas at the Brown's!

2009's Christmas I think has been the best Christmas I have had....maybe ever! First off, it is the first time with a son-in-law, 2nd, I was very laid back this year....what got done, got done (and the important tradition things did get done) and I let the other stuff go..... 3rd, all my children were home and we had a blast being together......4th, it was really nice to get to know John (son-in-law) on a more personal basis (still very impressed with my son-in-law could not be more pleased) instead of at a Wedding, or a Funeral -we did get to spend a little bit of time with him this summer before the wedding, but still wedding was always in the background and 2 days when they got engaged.....but this was 10 whole days 24/7 and I sure love him! It was great to just be....and be ourselves! It was also very cute to watch Allison and John interact with each other 24/7 and see that they really are "That Cute"! So I am uploading some pictures. The best pictures are probably of Christmas Eve as our whole family was together, but Elizabeth took those pictures and I am waiting for her to put them on our family website...then I can talk about Christmas Eve....that is when we have our big traditions and big meal! So we will do these a little bit out of order.

First night Allison and John were here....and this is how Aileen was with John every day...we tried not to take offense that John was the favorite!!!! Especially Allison!!!

Once Anne Marie got here we all went with Grandpa to "Cousins BBQ" Yummmm! And Grandpa told my girls that when he was with them he was no longer lonely!

Brown tradition of lining up Christmas morning before going in to get gifts from Santa. Youngest to oldest! Aileen didn't realize that John would knock her farther back in the line of opening gifts.....Maybe John isn't so favorite after all!!! (j/k she didn't mind really but it was funny to watch her reaction as he got to go 2nd instead of her)

Christmas PJ's - forgot to take Christmas Eve night, so this is Christmas morning with hair sticking out and all......and yes, this is exactly how we went to the Movie Christmas Day to see "The Princess & the Frog".
We also have on Allison's camera pictures at the Dallas Temple etc... We really did have a great visit. There was a list of restaurants that are in Texas, but not in Utah that the kids wanted to be sure and eat at so we made all those dreams and wishes come true, we went to the Temple twice with Allison and John while Grandpa was working at the temple so that was very special. Allison and I sang in Church for the Sacrament Christmas program which is always a high for me! We watched BYU win their bowl game, played a million games of Canasta and shang-hi! John and Allison were able to go to Holiday in the Park at Six Flags with Katie (her MOH) and Katie's boyfriend. She went to her annual High School theatre alumni Christmas Party.... was able to be in the Temple with Kate when Kate (Allison's BFF in HS) was going through to prepare for her Wedding Day. She was able to be at the Baptism of one of the little girls that she always use to babysit and led the music for that and cried the whole time I hear!!! Anne Marie and Uncle George still hold the title for Planet Hollywood! Loved watching Anne Marie sing Bon Jovi on Rock band and rock out and sound awesome!!!! Made the favorite traditional dishes and treats. I know I have missed something important, but as you can was a dream come true!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I would like to share a very precious and spiritual moment that I was able to share with Aileen Sunday!

First a little background. As mentioned in a earlier post we have had a lot of friends daughters getting married this year and had just gone to one Saturday and on Sunday we had a beautiful new baby blessed.

All during sacrament meeting I had to take Aileen out several times because she just could not be still and quiet. And when we were in Sacrament meeting she was totally straining her whole body to be keep all that she was feeling inside. So when Sacrament meeting was over, I decided there was no way I was going to try and make her sit quiet through Sunday School so we stayed seated in the Chapel until everyone was gone in hopes that by the time RS started Aileen would be able to stay calm. Rebecca Albright came and sat by us and we were catching up on Scott being on his mission etc.... and Aileen was still just really struggling to keep all her flapping, noise and rocking (stemming) at bay, so I said to Rebecca, "Aileen is having a hard time keeping it all in today". At this point Rebecca looked at Aileen and said....."you are about the same age as Janice aren't you? And I bet when you saw her baby being blessed that you miss getting to have these same experiences in this life. I bet it is really hard to see other women your age getting married and having babies, knowing that you wish for these same blessings and it must be so hard to wait and remember that this life is such a short time!" Aileen immediately stopped rocking, and flapping and making noise and looked right at Rebecca and with tears in her eyes grabbed her hand and really looked in her eyes like she was saying 'you do understand'. At that point both Rebecca and I were both in tears.

I told Rebecca that we had just been to Kellie's Wedding the night before and that she was also about Aileen's age and of course there was no way that Rebecca had any knowledge of that and yet she had mentioned that in her little talk to Aileen, that it must be hard to see others her age get married, etc., etc. Then I said to Aileen "and do you know who will get to come to your wedding, Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and all your grandparents and relatives! It will be so special". Then Rebecca said, "and do you know who will sing at your wedding" and we both looked at Rebecca and she said......."any one you want" and Aileen smiled and put her hand in her mouth and ducked her head like she does when she is being bashful or liking something someone is then Rebecca went on to say......."and Beethoven himself can write a musical number just for you"..... Anyway, it was a very precious and special moment, and I'm so grateful that Rebecca listened to the spirit and understood that it must be hard to be Aileen and wish for all these wonderful blessings of this life......because all I saw and heard was that Aileen was having a really hard time controlling her stemming!

I am grateful to my Heavenly Father that he has put people around Aileen that love and appreciate her and are her friend, not just her parents and family.....but Aileen's friends. We are so lucky in this Ward that so many really do want to know and love Aileen!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Logan turns 15! No way, really?

We celebrated my Nephew's 15th birthday at On the Border in Plano, TX. Everyone had a great time and I swear it was just yesterday that he was born!!!! He was the best baby I have ever seen. He hardly ever cried and he just sat in his Car seat and was happy.....really, it truly was extraordinary. I think ball was his first word and he can play every sport very well, but excels at Basketball! He was always worried about Aileen even as a little boy....he would say to me "Aunt Lois, Aileen needs a drink" or "Aunt Lois, Aileen is hungry, she can have my snack". Really an amazing young man! He still loves Aileen and is not embarrassed by her even though he is a teenager and needs to be cool with his friends....the beauty is, he thinks Aileen is cool and dares anyone to say different! Oh, how I love this boy!!!! Happy Birthday Logan!
The last gift my mother worked on before she passed away was this book of Logan's genealogy because he had asked her questions about his ancestors. It was a very special moment when Grandpa presented it to Logan for his birthday!

Another wedding.....

This year has just been so full of love and weddings. All of our friends are either having their daughters get married it seems or Allison's friends are getting married. It's so much fun and reminds me of what it was like to fall in love and be planning on starting a new life and family with Alan! Aileen has really loved going to Wedding's and Receptions and celebrating this happy time.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Kate's bridal shower.....

Kate is and has always been family since she and Allison met as teenagers and became best friends. So it was so wonderful to get to share in her joy as she is getting married December 29th at a Bridal Shower here in Texas for her over Thanksgiving weekend.
The Shower was beautiful and so was Kate! I love seeing her so happy and so obviously in love! Here are some pictures of the fun!

3 Generations of beautiful women!

She got a lot of great gifts

and she was a very good sport!
Congratulations Kate! I am so excited to see you as a bride! Kate is another one of my seminary students that has continued to make excellent choices in her life. And I am so happy that she is getting married in the Dallas Temple!