Saturday, February 1, 2014

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Charlotte's First Happy Meal

Charlotte turned 1 on Tuesday, January 21, 2014.  She also had a Doctors visit that day where she was going to get 4 shots for her year check-up!!  Allison said that she would like for both Grandmas to be able to come and have lunch with Charlotte after the Doctors visit and watch her get to enjoy her first Happy Meal!!  So we did!  She really loved the fries (I mean really?  Who doesn't?) and she decided Chocolate Milk wasn't too bad either!! it was so cute to watch her and so fun to share this with Marianne her other grandma!  Thanks Allison for planning such a cute event for us to share on her birthday!!




Such a great time!!

Barbara's birthday get together!!

On Sunday, January 19th, we had a family get together for Barbara's birthday!  Barbara and Charlotte share the same birthday the 21st.  But that was a Tuesday this year, and not an easy day for everyone to come, so we partied Sunday for Barbara and then on Saturday the 25th for Charlotte!!  It worked and everything turned out great!  Happy Birthday Barbara/Mom!!



Cake and ice cream for everyone and we even made her blow out candles!! Luckily she had her grandchildren to help her!!  Fun night for everyone who came! Thank you!!

The 3 days of Caitlin's birthday!!

My really good friend Caitlin Thompson has a birthday this weekend so we are having the "3 days of Caitlin's birthday!!  Friday night we started by Alan and I taking Caitlin and Jared to dinner at "Salt Grass" which they had never been to.  Jared (Caitlin's husband) is in medical school and will be graduating in May and will probably be moving to Michigan or Wisconsin for his Residency.  We will miss them so much!  Alan says he enjoys being with the Thompson's because its so easy to talk with them and never awkward!  Those are good friends.  When I told Allison that Caitlin had never been to "Salt Grass" she said that was a travesty and needed to be rectified....  I really felt that they could not leave Texas without having gone to one of the best steak houses in the country!!

Day 1:  Salt Grass Restaurant

Bonus:  John didn't have a game that night so Allison and John were able to join us and since they ar are friends with Caitlin and Jared too, it was perfect!!
Day 2:  Gift that I knew she wanted.....
Caitlin is an amazing cook in her own right, but I guess if you are good
you like trying new things.....
Day 3: Flowers and Chocolate....the prefect way to end the birthday of a perfect friend!!
Because everyone was in their PJ's we let the boys hold her gifts and get their
picture taken!!
I had a lot of fun planning and surprising this great gal!!

Weekly visits with Charlotte....

This week my afternoon visits with Charlotte started up again.  And I have missed them!  I know it was only a week that Marianne Rex was in town....but really it felt like forever!!  I was honestly happy for the time that Marianne got to spend with Charlotte because I know they miss her as they are so far away....but really it felt like an eternity!! lol!! (I'm a little spoiled I guess!)

Some fun photos:

Charlotte is giving her baby a ride....but she doesn't seem to care that the
baby is up-side-down!!

Loving spaghetti at our favorite Italian Restaurant

grabbing her purse because we are going to pick up daddy!!

making sure her phone and everything she needs is inside
Charlotte is sick but still always so happy!! She is giving her new
doll baby a ride on her new horsey she got for her birthday!

Grandma got worn out pushing the pony all around!!
In one of her new birthday cute!!

My Christmas Present from The Doctor!!

Every year I kind of look forward to whatever the doctor I work for gives me for Christmas because it is always something very nice and very thoughtful....but I thought this years was especially fun because he gave me a large gift card so I could buy some new clothes now that I have lost so much weight!!  You do have to love someone who wants you to buy yourself new clothes!! so here are just a few of the outfits!!  The Leather Jacket was from Alan years ago but it fits again and I thought looked great with the new boots etc... plus how fun is it that I can fit into "old" things once again!


I was able to get 4 tops, 2 skirts, boots, and some jewelry!  It was fun and hopefully the clothes will look even better when I keep losing weight!!

Another Championship!!

Tytan and his team have another championship under their belt!! Way to go Tytan!! Love you!!