Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving....

We had an amazing Thanksgiving. But it was always obvious that my Mom was missing and it just wasn't the same....but Elizabeth and I gave it a valiant effort and I think everyone enjoyed....except for my 1st attempt at Sweet Potatoes! I don't like them so I never make them, my Mom always did, but my father loves them so of course I needed to make some for him. Well, I was fired as the sweet potato maker (they were bad) and Elizabeth is going to make them for Christmas! Which was my secret plot all along (not really). We had a nice day with my sister and her husband, my dad and Alan, Aileen, and myself. All my other kids were either in Utah or Seattle celebrating Thanksgiving this year. But they will all be here for Christmas and I cannot wait.

For FHE last Monday I asked everyone to list things that they were thankful for. It was very nice to see what was important to everyone and Alan loved that our new son-in-law listed ESPN as one of the things he was grateful for.

The next day we picked up my Dad from the office where he had gone in to clean out a closet and took him to the new movie "The Blind Side" It was my husband's and Dad's first time at the Movie Tavern and I think they enjoyed the experience and I know they loved the movie. We talked about it all the way home and even after.... it was so fun to do something like go to the show with my Dad and husband.....2 of the 3 most important men in my life! The only thing better would have been if my new son would have been along as well! But it was a special date time for me!!!! And the movie was awesome.

Monday, November 23, 2009

New Moon, the homeless, and other stuff.....

I loved it. Thought it was better than Twilight, although I loved Twilight too. This 2nd book was the hardest for me to get through, but I thought the movie covered all the important stuff and got through it much now I'm ready for the next movie!!!!! Yay!

Saturday was our yearly visit from a case worker for the Judge that gave us legal guardianship 0f Aileen. Yes, every year they have to come and inspect our home, Aileen, and her living space to make sure that we are taking good care of her! We passed. And the case worker loved seeing the pictures of Aileen as a bridesmaid so that was really fun. It's always such a hassle to get ready for, and always a relief to have it over with until next year!!!! Crazy isn't it!

Alan had an interesting experience last weekend with homeless people so I thought I would share the experience. Alan wondered what Heavenly Father wanted him to learn from these two such different experiences so close together.

Last Saturday after the Temple we were all starved of course and Aileen most of all so we stopped at McDonalds and got everyone some food. While we were handing it out and trying to get everything situated for the trip back a homeless man came and asked if we could help him. We had NO change so we told him that we would love to but sorry we didn't have any change..... and he said, "You don't even have a quarter" and we said sorry we really don't....but Alan offered him his drink and he said, "No, I need something to eat" and so then Alan said, "Well, I have a hamburger I'll be happy to give you and he said, no, no" ...and walked off exasperated. We then watched him ask another woman, who went and got change and gave him a $5.00 bill but then he asked her if she had any change as well and actually hounded her for more and followed her to her car for her to dig some change up. We watched because we were worried for the lady. But after she gave him more change he left her alone. We were kind of shocked that he would be so bold and brazened about wanting more after she had already given him $5.00.

Then last Monday, Alan came to my office for lunch and picked up my paychecks to deposit in the bank for me and noticed he had a flat tire. So he went across the street to put air in his tire and a homeless man came up to him and said "you look like you need some help, can I help you change your tire" Alan said, he was just going to put air in the tire, but that he needed to go get change so he could do it and the homeless man said "Here, I might have a quarter let me see so you can get air without having to go get change". He didn't have it, so Alan offered to buy him a sandwich, because he was going to buy a sandwich for himself and get some change.....but the homeless man said, "No, I've eaten, I just really want to help you" So Dad got the change and the man filled his tires with air and Thanked Dad for letting him do service for him. Dad of course insisted on giving him money and he finally did take it....but he really did just want to do a service for someone!

Very interesting for our family to reflect on. some of the thoughts that came to me while pondering these experience was is a man that is really down on his luck for whatever reason and yet still chooses to give Christ-like service....when really he could feel picked on and dejected he didn't he gave service and was happy to do so...... so one lesson I thought of, was how horrible it would be for us who have so much to complain and feel sorry for ones self and not to be happy to give service to others.

2nd..... with the 1st man with our shock at his asking for more and not being grateful for what was given him. It made me wonder how many times Heavenly Father must be shocked that we keep asking and asking and asking for more blessings instead of showing gratitude for the ones he has blessed us with already!

Anyway those are some of the thoughts I had. It would be interesting to hear what you all think......

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'm so excited.....

I just got our Christmas Cards ordered and I love them for this year! And I'm really really excited because tonight I will be going to the Midnight showing of "New Moon". I hope it lives up to the expectation!!!! Thanks to Sarah for helping me figure out how to get the Midnight tickets, I'm an older generation and don't always know how to do these things! But I am very excited!!!!! Here is a sneak peek at our Christmas Card! The Wedding photographer did the layout for me and I love it. Oh, yeah, I already said that........did you know I'm so excited....... said that too!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Ya gotta love Saturday!

Saturday, we went to Dallas to the Temple to do endowment sessions. Our babysitter that we sometimes can use to watch Aileen so we can go together was busy, so we decided to take Aileen with us. Alan went to the 1st session while Aileen and I walked around the temple and watched "Up" and the new Tinker Bell movie on her portable DVD player. Then Alan was suppose to come out and then I would go to the next session and Alan would watch Aileen. But our dear friends the W's, who always talk to Aileen wherever we may be, said that they would watch Aileen so that Alan and I could go together. What an amazing gift. So Alan and I were able to be in the Temple together, it was great.

Then Saturday night all the Clay's that live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area went to "Babe's" in Carollton to celebrate my sister-in-laws Birthday! It was the first time my Dad, my husband and Aileen had been to that restaurant and they loved it! Aileen I will say was in heaven with all that good family style food! it was a lot of fun and even though my sister-in-law thinks that she is old......she's not and she still looks great!!!!! To make her feel better I just reminded her how much older I was - like 13 1/2 yrs older! Wow, I'm the one that's old!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Celebrating Alan's Birthday and Missionary Splits

We went to Salt Grass last Monday to celebrate Alan's Birthday! It's his favorite place to get a steak! My Sister Elizabeth and her husband, Art came as well as my Dad and Aileen! I think Aileen likes it being the only child at home because she gets to be with all the adults and go everywhere we go! It was a really good dinner and we all had a good time visiting and being together!

Friday, I went with the sister missionaries on splits. My first time of doing this. It was a wonderful experience and I really was amazed at these two sisters testimony and commitment to preach the gospel to those who have not yet received it! Especially their ease at challenging people and then just waiting for the answer during the long silence sometimes. I was very impressed that they never squirmed and then watched the joy as someone took that challenge and said, yes! It was truly amazing! I am glad that I was able to participate in reading scripture, bearing testimony and praying with these investigators, or inactive members. I look forward to doing it again!

Monday, November 2, 2009

My Sweet Hubby Alan's Birthday!!!!!

Today is the most amazing man's birthday! My husband, Alan! He is 54 today....don't mind telling that since he is 4 yrs older than me lol! I always try to do something different, I've done candy grams, flowers, balloons, cake up to the office, donuts etc......but today I sent a Edible Arrangement.....Facebook gave free samples of their chocolate covered strawberries and it wasn't a gimmick, and they were very good and while I was in there I saw some of the arrangements and that they were really very nice sized for the money etc.... so this year for Alan's birthday I sent a edible bouquet up to the office that he can share with all the sales guys in his area!!!! He seemed pleased! Love you Alan!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


These past 2 yrs I have not scrapbooked and in fact lost a lot of interest in even doing it.....this last year it was understandable with the wedding plans etc..., but really I had lost interest in it before. Just recently I have been very frustrated with things I have no control over and obsessing over I had an epiphany the other day. I need to focus my obsession and frustration on something I could have control of. So there are a a lot of bridal showers, wedding receptions, wedding luncheons etc.... that I have pictures for that have not had anything done with them. So I went and loaded up on paper and stickers etc....... no I won't tell you how much that cost, then I went and printed out 218 photos at Walmart and have started scrapbooking. I've noticed my style has changed, I'm more about less this time around, but they still look good and it definitely tells the story of my daughter's courtship and marriage and I have stopped obsessing about the other stuff that I have no control over. Who would have ever thought scrapbooking would be therapeutic! Or as they say in the movie "New In Town" I'm a scraper!