Thursday, April 25, 2013

A big day for Texas!!

Today was the dedication of the George W. Bush Library at SMU in Dallas, Texas!  Five (5) former and current presidents were in attendance!  That is a historical moment!  I cannot wait to go through a tour of this amazing Library because all the reports are that this is an interactive incredible library.  I am such a huge history buff, and I have been to many Presidential Libraries, but I really loved President Bush, I really felt that he was a Christian man who always tried to do what was right.  When I was teaching Early Morning Seminary at his inauguration, I loved how the news reported that he started his day with scripture study, and not just that day but every day!  I used that example in one of my lessons!  Anyway, here is an article by NBC News to read about it (Click Here). and the pictures are courtesy of Facebook (click here).  So many things like 9/11; the war in Afghanistan and Hurricane Katrina happened during his watch and I really enjoyed reading his book and finding out what went through his mind, and his thinking behind his decision, and how some of his cabinet that I liked, finding out that they really didn't help him.  I think it will be interesting to see more about these Historic events than we already know.

President Regan will always be my favorite President, but then I would say George W. Bush would be next, then George H. Bush.  And I really really think Laura Bush was a class act!  I also enjoyed reading Barbar Bush's autobiography on her husband's presidency.  My least favorite would have to be Clinton because he had no morals whatsoever, but right on his heels would be Pres. Obama. No, I take that back, I think Obama is ruining our country.  He wins least favorite.   President Carter, I don't think was a very good leader but he was a religious man who always tried to do the right thing I think.  Anyway, I had to put this historical moment in my personal history!

L to R:  Mrs. & President Obama; Barbara & George H. Bush; George W.
 & Laura Bush.
L to R:  Bill & Hillary Clinton; Jimmy & Rosalyn Carter

Pictures courtesy of Facebook and Fox News - see link above.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Lets compare.....

I hope with losing 46 lbs there will be some difference in my before and now pictures.  so lets see....I''m  a little nervous!

46 lbs lighter!

And because I still keep getting asked "What am I doing?" to lose the weight here is the link to the post that explains it all (click here)

Weekend with the boys.....

Our Nephews Logan and Tytan got to come and spend the weekend with us while their Dad was out of town.  We were excited to have them come and enjoyed every minute!!

Friday night after basketball practice Aunt Elizabeth brought them to our house and we played a game of Canasta  and Elizabeth and Tytan really clobbered Logan and me!!

Saturday morning Logan got up early with me and went walking with me and I have to say that was really fun to have him be my walking buddy....and the last 1/4 of a mile that we walked we jogged!  Yay for me, its getting a little easier, of course I couldn't lose face in front of my nephew!

Then we all went to lunch with Grandpa and Grandma Barbara at "The Cotton Patch" where we were so pleased to find out that Chris and Ashley had stopped by for a visit so they came to lunch too!!  It was a good visit.

Bowling was next on the agenda and Aileen loved every minute of being with her cousins and bowling and she got several strikes!!  While there the boys also got to play some games in the game room.

After all that Logan and Alan decided they needed naps, and Tytan and I played cards again! 

Tonight was our respite care night for Aileen so I picked up Ms. Vera, and then the boys joined Alan and I on our date night where we ate at "Panda Express" and then went to see the "GI Joe" movie.  While waiting for the movie to start there were really long stairs in the theatre and Tytan said "Is it o.k. if I walk up and down the stairs", and it made me realize that I hadn't done my stairs for exercise today so I did my exercises there in the theatre --- now that is multitasking at its best!  John would have been proud!


Now Alan is helping Logan with his homework and Tytan is patiently waiting for us to be able to play one more round of Canasta.

Alan is going to church with the boys tomorrow in their ward in Plano, because Logan has a meeting with the Bishop about becoming a Priest, and Tytan has a interview about being Baptized - which everyone in our family is incredibly excited about!!

It was fun to hear about prom, basketball, weight lifting, school, Tytan is getting all A's - you gotta love that, Scouts, Priesthood and Baptism, and it really has been an awesome weekend hanging out with the boys!!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Biggest Loser - Week 11

picture by Bing pictures
We are at week 11 and I wish I was farther along but everyone keeps telling me I'm doing great.  So I will chose to believe them ha-ha!!

Lois - 2 lbs. for a total of 46

Alan - 2 lbs for a total for 64.

I'm going to really try to do something this week to break the only losing 2 lbs at a time wouldn't hurt my feelings any if I could lose 4 this next week to hit the big 50.  So that is my goal!  We will see how it goes.  Everyone wish me luck!!

Movie Wednesday

One of my walking buddies is Caitlin Thompson, who amazingly enough brings her children with her when we walk, sometimes just one, sometimes just two, and sometimes all three.  She pushes her double or single stroller and still walks faster than me and her oldest usually walks and runs along with us!!  Caitlin also makes beautiful hair bows and saved us Easter Weekend when Allison forgot a bow by making one the night before for us that was perfect and Charlotte looked perfect!  I tried to pay her, but in true friend fashion she wouldn't except it!  So, I told her we would go to the movie again just us girls!  But the more I thought about it the more I thought, it would be really fun to treat those boys to a fun movie as well for thier willingness to walk with Wednesday, we went to see the animated movie "The Croods" and it was so fun to sit by those boys and baby girl and listen to them laugh at all the silly things going on in the movie.  Aileen loves movies, but you forget sometimes what it is like to have someone next to you laugh and comment in a giggly voice what they think is funny about the movie. In the next life, Aileen Brown, I know I will get to hear you laugh and comment.  But it was fun for me to experience this little joy now!  The only thing that would have made it better is if Charlotte would have been with us.  Oh, my gosh, she is so cute, she is starting to coo, and try to talk, and she smiles so sweetly and looks like she is going to break out into a laugh at any moment.  Oh, I miss her!!  But since I can't always have her with me....this was a really fun option!

I go them the kid movie pack and they were so cute!!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

It was a lovely weekend.....

This weekend was a lovely weekend.  It started with Alan having to work on Saturday but ended with us getting to see one of my seminary students give his homecoming talk as he just returned from a mission in Portugal.  He gave an excellent talk.  I always love to see how they have matured and grown in the gospel.  And then we were invited for dinner at his home afterward.  Alan and I were both very honored that they would invite us to dinner on this special day!!  Of course I was so happy for his Mom, my dear friend Rebecca, that he is home safe and sound and that he has returned with honor!!
Ben Hepworth with his Seminary teacher - me, and his Bishop - Bishop Wurz
Ben and his mom, Rebecca Albright

Then we headed to Tyler to see Charlotte and her parents!!  All week long Alan would come home every night from work and say...."I need a Charlotte Fix!"  So that's why we headed to Tyler so that we could get our "Charlotte Fix".  It's only been 2 weeks, but oh my, how she has grown!  And she is so stinkin' cute, I can hardly stand it!!  I think she recognized my voice but she kind of looked at me like..."Who's that woman with the dark hair?"  But oh, we had fun!


Sunday, April 14, 2013

I'll take that compliment!!!

I'll take that compliment......yesterday I decided I needed a new look to go with all the weight I've lost, kind of a celebration of sorts.  And I did something I have never done.  I went dark with my hair color!  And when I came home, Alan loved it and look like Shelley!

Shelley Brown Lamb is our niece, and she is one gorgeous lady, and I in no way look like her....but I will take that compliment from my sweet husband, because that's the way he sees sweet is that!!

This is me

 This is shelley

and how lovely to be compared to that!!

Week 10 - Biggest Loser Charlotte Edition

So have you all met my awesome son-in-law John Rex!  He is the reason our family is doing the Biggest Loser.  He's lost a lot of weight, so has Allison, even Aileen has lost weight.  And if you follow my blog at all, you know we started this program so that we (Alan & I) will be around for Charlotte's baptism, graduation, wedding, etc....

So here we are at week 10 - I guess that is 2 and 1/2 months or close to. 

Lois lost 2 more lbs for a total of 44 lbs.

Alan lost 2 more lbs for a total of 62 lbs.

I think we are hanging in pretty good, of course I always wish it was more, but I'm happy as long as I'm losing!  I was a little worried this week, I had one night where I went over my calories, and knew I went over my calories and didn't care.....until the next day, then I was worried!!  So I worked out harder the next day and made sure every other day was perfect!  I think that is the first time in 2 1/2 months that I blatantly disregarded my calories.  I guess if I only do that once every 2 1/2 months that's not too bad....but I don't want to get in the habit that's for sure!!

Isn't that the cutest baby you've every seen???  She is so totally worth this torture I am putting myself through to lose weight and get healthy!

New walking buddy......

I have such awesome friends that are really excited for me losing weight and want to be supportive in the best way.....

Yensy Willden is always up to go walking...even if she has walked with other people during the day, she still walks with me.  It's really quite amazing. I think she is probably my biggest cheer leader!!

Laura Brackney, not only walks with me when she can, her school schedule doesn't always work out with the times that I need to go to fit in with my schedule, but she is always game and very supportive.  She also gave me her old clothes in a smaller size then what I use to wear, but are too big for her because she is losing weight too, but just right for me before I lose more weight (hope you were able to follow that) so I haven't had to buy new clothes yet, even with losing 44 lbs.  Thank you!

MaryAnn Stephens, is way excited for me getting into shape, I think she has been praying for this to happen for a long time and John (my son-in-law) is her new hero, because he actually got me doing it.  When I first started walking, she had an injury so she couldn't walk, but now that she is healed, she is all about going walking with me and keeping me motivated!

Then others have joined in here and there, Shelby Denti, and Sharon Benitez. One time I ran into Kristie Jensen and her two cute little girls out walking too.  And of course my favorites that join in when they are around is John, Allison, and Charlotte Rex!!

But this week, Caitlin Thompson has walked with me several times, sometimes with her two boys and sometimes with her little girl, but it has been fun to walk and talk.....and boy she keeps me moving, no dilly dallying around with her.  I think I did my fastest 3 miles ever on Friday!!  But I love how she comes to walk, always dressed up, hair fixed (believe me that is not how I come) and her children dressed so cute with her little girl in bows and everything!!  So fun.

I really appreciate all my friends that have been going with me and keep me motivated!!  Thanks guys!  I'm a lucky girl!!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Baby Announcement

Allison and John sent out the cutest baby announcement so I just had to share.  Love her!!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

General Conference weekend

I love General Conference weekend!  I look forward to it for 6 months and love the rejuvenation of spirit, faith, and testimony that comes from listening to the Prophet and Apostles of our Church!

And I love that Charlotte was ready for her first conference too, via the picture that her Mom put up on Facebook saying just that...What a cutie she is.

And speaking of Charlotte, she is the reason that we are all doing The Biggest Loser - Charlotte Edition so here is the update!  Week 9:

Alan lost 6 lbs after gaining a couple last week.  That brings his total to 60 good for him for refocusing!!

And I lost 3 lbs for a total of 42 lbs.

It was kind of exciting to think that Alan and I have lost 100 lbs between us!  Amazing.  We still have a long ways to go so I try not to think about that and just get joy out of our weekly accomplishments!

I look forward to more General Conference tomorrow!  It always reminds us to be the best we can be and try a little harder to do what is right!!

Final Four - WSU - Go Team!!

I was so excited when I saw the Sports Illustrated magazine cover this week so I took a picture of it!!  March Madness has been Madness all right and been a lot of fun as always to see what happens.

Being a Kansas girl, when I do my brackets, especially when BYU is not in the tournament like this year, I am all about the teams from Kansas!!  In fact the year I won the office brackets was the year that I was the only one that had KU winning the whole thing.....and they did!!

I did feel bad that BYU wasn't in it at all this year....first time in a long time and I will always pick BYU at least for a few rounds, but they seem to be doing great in the tournament that they are playing in....the one for all the teams that didn't make it to March Madness, so good for them!

But the most exciting thing this year is Wichita State University (WSU) making it all the way to the Final Four and they played hard, or as their tag line goes they "Played Angry".  They gave Louisville a run for their money and almost won it!!  They really are the only team so far that Louisville has had to work hard to beat....and they almost lost!  I just had to say that!

Even though Alan and I both went to BYU and that is where we met, Alan ended up finishing his degree in Kansas after we were married at, you guessed it, WSU!!  Besides this being Alan's alma mater, I grew up watching WSU basketball games!  My parents had season tickets and we went to the games.  Growing up I remember watching Antoine Carr, Cliff Livingston, and Xavier Daniels. After we were married while Alan was attending there, we were able to take in a few, then you add that one of my best friends Dad was the team Doctor at the games, and that my stand partner in Orchestra in High School was a WSU Cheerleader well, you can see why this would be such an exciting time at our house!!  And that doesn't even take into account that I grew up in Wichita and you just have to cheer for the college in the town you grew up in!!

They did Shock the Nation!!  It was a really exciting ride! 

"Rip 'em up, tear 'em up, give 'em h**l Shocks!"

Monday, April 1, 2013

Logan's Basketball team won!

Logan's Basketball team won the tournament they were in over spring break weekend!  I was so proud and I believe he said he made 25 of the points in that game!  They were Clay'd!! I love it.

Logan Clay- front row center.
Logan Clay you rock, my awesome nephew!  Love you and Congratulations!

Easter Weekend 2013

We had a great time with Allison, John, and Charlotte this weekend!! The only thing that would have made it better for me, is if Anne Marie could have been with us too!

I spent Thursday evening getting ready for them to come, stocking the house with food, and making sure bathrooms and beds were ready and then excitedly tried to get through Friday work, and Friday afternoon V.T. until they were here!!

The first thing we did was go walking, we took Aileen with us too and Allison stayed back with her and walked with her slower and not as far.  But John, Charlotte, and I walked 3 miles with him warning me we were going to go 5 miles on Saturday!

By then Dad/Alan was off work and we hit Subway, got Charlotte ready for bed, and then played cards!!  John and Allison together are a dangerous team to be up against!! They are just too good!!

John brought a new toy to torture me measures my body fat so we will know my percentage of body fat I've lost or some such thing....I just know I didn't like the number...but now John has something else to work with to plan my work-out needs!!

Saturday morning, John and I headed out early and did our 5 miles, Allison and I ran errands, and then we took Charlotte for her first time to the Zoo!!  This really was a way to get Dad/Alan to walk without him really knowing thats what we were doing....and we walked 2 miles at the Zoo!  So that made 7 miles for me! Whoohoo!

Aileen enjoyed seeing the animals, it has probably been since she was in school that she had been to the zoo and believe it or not Alan and I had never been!  Its a really nice zoo and I was glad that we finally went. 

When we got home from the zoo, I had had a pot roast in the oven all afternoon, and boy did it smell great when we got home and it tasted good too and we were ready to eat!!

Saturday night Grandma and Grandpa Clay stopped by to say hi and it was fun that all the guys were together to watch WSU win against Ohio State and now WSU is going to the Final Four for March Madness!!  It brought back memories of going to the WSU games growing up and after we were married with my parents.  They had season tickets and that was there date night!!  So many memories.  Alan graduated from WSU so we are pretty excited about this at our house!!

And of course we played cards!!

Sunday was Easter, and Charlotte and Aileen had new Easter outfits.  Since we are all on diets no candy was put in Easter baskets but fun things like the DVD Les Miserables was given to everyone and a case of diapers etc... so it was still a good Easter!
This is so you can see shoes and all that match!!
This shows some of the dress and sweater details
she looked so beautiful!!
Aileen looks so grown up!
I put the ham in the oven before we left for church and once again when we came home the home smelled yummy and we were ready to eat, but we managed to keep our manners and wait for Grandma and Grandpa Clay to get here and had a lovely family Easter dinner.  But by then we knew that Aileen was sick and not feeling well, so she was in bed and sleeping and missing dinner, and if you know Aileen at all that means she was sick!  She loves to eat!

Four generations!!  Awesome!
Anne Marie called while we were all together so we all got to talk to her grandparents and all!!

Originally we were going to go to Aunt Beverly's for the traditional egg hunt, Aileen enjoys this, and it would have been Charlotte's first egg hunt, but since Aileen was sick we stayed home.  Played another game of Canasta, yes John and Allison beat us again, and then they headed home to Tyler!!

Because we couldn't make it to the Egg hunt, I was really touched when Barbara came by afterwards with a cute bucket of goodies for Aileen and the cutest little lamb for Charlotte!  Aunt Beverly wanted to make sure they got their surprises anyway!  I just love that!  So loving and thoughtful!

And other than Aileen getting sick and acting like her leg hurt from all the walking we made her do, it was a perfect weekend!!

The movie "The Host"

picture:  IMDb
Loved it....Loved seeing it twice!  I know, I'm such a dork!!  But Thursday night was the late late showing that is the sneak peak for Friday. I went with Shawna and Becky to that showing and then Friday MaryAnn Stephens and I decided for VT we would take Becky to lunch and to the movie!!  So I saw it again Friday!! 

We also went Visiting Teaching on Wednesday and saw our other 3 ladies, Anita, Mary, and Vera!!  Because it is Easter we took them chocolate truffle eggs.....which of course I could not have, but just because I'm counting calories, doesn't mean others should suffer too lol!!  Anyway, it was a good week for visiting teaching and we had a fun time!!

What are you doing???????

John who has made it happen!
Every one is asking me this question.   What are you doing to lose all your weight?  Its not a big secret and I have shared my exercise regimen with several people who have asked, so I decided to post it on my blog for 2 reasons.  My blog is my personal history that I print in book form later and I will want a record of this in my history.  Plus it will answer every one's questions about what my workout/diet is.  Another thing that I want to remind everyone is....I was very very overweight, so of course now that I'm working at it, it is coming off, whereas some of you that have been asking me are only 10 or 15 lbs overweight and that is always harder and slower to take off....I guess that is my disclaimer lol!!

Also, I am blessed that my son-in-law who is an Athletic Trainer (Sports Medicine) graduate from BYU, and who is getting his masters in the same, and works in his job as an athletic trainer was able to work out a plan specific for me even though that is not what he really does for his job, he has had the training and knows this does come from someone who is knowledgeable about this.

I also told him that I had to see it come off fast, or I would probably not keep doing he took that into consideration when he worked out my program.  Alan, because of his plantar fasciitis cannot walk much, so his exercise workout is different from mine, but still effective.

When I started this was my routine.

1 mile walk/run
10 x up and down stairs (using my own stairs in my house, up and down only counts as 1 time)
3 sets of 15 push-ups
3 sets of  15 squats
3 sets of 10 Dead Bugs
3 sets of Superman's

2 mile walk/run

1 mile walk/run
10 x up and down stairs
3 sets of 10 wall push ups
5 sets of 10 sit-ups
3 x 1 minute wall sits
3 sets of 20 sec. planks

2 mile walk/run

1 mile walk/run
10 x up and down stairs
3 sets of 15 push-ups
3 sets of 15 squats
3 sets of 10 Dead Bugs
3 sets of Superman's

2 mile walk/run

For my daily calorie intake - and that is all my diet is, is counting calories, we went to and entered my weight, put down that my goal is to lose 2 lbs a week, with no exercising (because that raises your calories you can have and you don't want that) and then see how many calories I can have a day.....which as I lose weight my calories that I can eat a day changes every week.  Right now I can only have 1219 a day, which I am vigilant about keeping track of.

And most of all John said, no soda, which for me meant no Diet Coke!  That was a big deal for me it really was.  And drinking lots of water!!  At least 70 ozs a day.

At first I did not have any Diet Coke at all, then after several weeks I have allowed myself one or two a week but that is all!!  It still has to be a really good reason for me to drink it!! lol!

After a month my Routine became:

3 miles walking

2 miles walking
20 stairs
3 x 20 push-ups
3 x 15 squat-jumps
3 x 15 Dead Bugs
3 x 15 Superman's
4 x 25 Jumping Jacks

3 miles walking

2 miles walking
20 stairs
3 x 20 wall push-ups
5 x 15 sit-ups
3 x 1 min. wall sits
3 x 20 sec. planks
100 calories burned on stationary bike

3 miles walking

2 miles walking
20 stairs
2 x 20 push-ups
3 x 15 squat-jumps
3 x 15 Dead bugs
3 x 15 Superman's
4 x 25 jumping jacks

Sunday's in Tyler.....

There really is nothing sweeter than being with our granddaughter and children in Tyler on a Sunday afternoon!  I know I had just got back from going on Friday, last Saturday, but Alan hadn't been, and I had to get the correct size of dress for Charlotte, and Tyler's Gymboree didn't have it but Ft. Worth's did, so I exchanged that Easter dress for Allison and needed to get it back to her.  Plus, I had a spare bread machine and since Allison is nursing Charlotte and has to stay off of Dairy and Soy because Charlotte is allergic, she needs to make her own I wanted to get that to her as quickly as possible too, so there were legitimate reasons to go....but really quite frankly whenever our kids invite us down.....WE ARE THERE!!  So last Sunday, after having just been there Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.  We were there again!!  lol!   It makes me giggle sometimes!

I did think it was humorous though, that on Easter Sunday they were shocked to see me not go up to sing with the choir.....and they even asked why not? which I said, "I haven't been in town Sunday afternoons to go to choir practice", to which they then kind of guiltily smiled and said...."ohhhh!"

But I didn't feel guilty at all, I think for this time in my life, being with my granddaughter is exactly where I should be!!
Hoodie, Stroller, Sunglasses, Grandma - check!!
She's ready to go for a walk!!
We went for a Sunday walk, of course, because John is keeping track of me and because we all needed to walk, so we did our 2 miles....but I found out that in Tyler on the trail that we take there is a very very steep hill, I have lived in Utah so I can't really call it a mountain, but for Texas it was a Mountain and it felt every bit of a mountain as I tried to jog up it twice....I jokingly told John "that was really fun we should do that again", to which he said, "O.k."   Not on your life mister!!  But I did feel a sense of accomplishment having done it!!  But I have a feeling now that I have my new tennis shoes the kids got me next time we are walking in Tyler, I'm doing it 3 times!!

Which, by they way, here are the fabulous tennis shoes my kids got me for walking as my Easter present!!  If you look at the old ones you would have to wonder as I do, how did I ever get any walking done and not be in total pain.  I love my new shoes, they are so comfy, and I am able to be more secure in my jogging/walking efforts!!  Thank you so much love them and love you!!

Also, John is masterful with his bribes to exercise....if Alan and I lose 9 lbs again together in any combination, Charlotte will come for Easter!!  So I know I was all over that!!  I may have kept track of Alan a little more last week because of it!! lol!!  But I wanted my granddaughter to come for Easter!!

For week 8 - I lost 3 lbs for a total of 39 lbs ( I have to admit I was really working for 4 lbs so I could be an even 40...but oh, well) and Charlotte did come for Easter!! Yay!!  It was a great weekend and I'll post about that soon!!