Sunday, September 30, 2012

Chapel Hill High School Football in Tyler, Texas!!

As most of you know, if you read my blog at all, is that my amazing son-in-law is a Grad Student working on his master and working at the Chapel Hill High School as an Athletic Trainer!  We went to Tyler Friday night to watch the team and to see him on the sidelines doing his thing....and we did get to see him work with a player that got hurt so that was kind of neat....not that someone got hurt, but that he really knows what he is doing!!

Aileen loved every minute of the football game, from watching the players on the field, to seeing John on the sidelines, to the marching band, baton twirlers, and cheer leaders!! She loved it all.  It was fun to watch her rock out to the music and enjoy the show!!

It's always fun to get to be with Allison and visit and catch up!  We seem to be getting more and more excited about our Grandbaby!!  Allison had some cute clothes to show us and on the way home Alan said, "I'm getting really excited about having a granddaughter!!"  Me too!  Thanks Allison and John for your hospitality!!

We had to park a long ways away from the stadium and had to walk on grassy uneven ground and on the way back to the car, Aileen fell in a little hole we think, and she really leaned on me for help to get to the rest of the way to the car, but then she seemed to be o.k. going up the stairs to Allison's apartment.  And Saturday she seemed o.k, although I went a lot of places Saturday, but she didn't, so that may be why we didn't notice then.....but then, Sunday she seemed to really not want to put weight on her left foot.  So once again, I got out the YES/NO cards and asked her these questions:

Does your foot hurt?   Yes

Is it your right foot?  No

Is it your left foot?  Yes

Do we need to take you to the doctor?  Yes

So we left after my Sunday school lesson (Gospel Doctrine) and took her to Harris SW Emergency room and had an x-ray taken.  There was no fracture seen, but there was some swelling of the 5th metatarsal base, and they thought she could have a severe sprain or a hairline fracture that they can't see.....

They put her in a boot.  And after she got use to the awkwardness of it she is walking faster and more securely.

I called the Doctor I work for who is an excellent podiatrist, and he is going to look at the x-ray's tomorrow and blow them up so he can really look and see what is going on.  He also told us to ice it tonight and for her to sleep in the boot!!  Poor baby, and then we will see what happens after tomorrow!!

Diet Coke makes everything better and keeps me from yanking on the hospital braclets!!

Putting the boot on my tiny foot!!

all done and getting ready to leave the hosptial!!
Never a dull minute at our house!!  We love you Aileen!!

A "Sip and Greet"

I love the concept of this baby shower that I was invited to.  One of my Seminary Students had a little girl and invited me to come to a "Sip and Greet".  It was at her home and her Visiting Teachers held the party for her, but this way we got to see the fabulous nursery as well as the beautiful baby when we came and went as we needed to.  They had fabulous party drinks that looked as amazing as they tasted and yummy cakes, and vegetables, cheese balls with a variety of crackers, and smoked pulled pork sandwiches!!  Really what more could you ask for.

Lindsey is an amazing young women that is living a life, setting goals, and keeping covenants that would make any seminary teacher proud.  I'm thrilled that I am still one of the important people in her life and that I always get invited to these wonderful momentous occasions!!

Congrats on your new baby girl, Lindsey Cobb!!  And thank you for letting me continue to be apart of your life!!

Lindsey with Juliet - her 2nd.  She also has a 2 y/o boy Carson.

Her Visiting Teachers who threw this party for her.....I love this so much!!

The awesome drinks to "sip" There was a Grapefruit with cherries, Lemonade and I mean real Lemonade, fruit punch with raspberries and something else I can't remember and an Orange drink.

The amazing beautiful nursery!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Is it real, or is it fiction?

That is the million dollar question about this's very intriguing in that you have a story within a story, within a story and at the end you have to decide if its real or if it is fiction.....I know what I think, wonder what everyone else thinks??

Last Thursday night after teaching the RS Class at church, Becky, Shawna and I went to the 10:00 show and saw "The Words".  I really enjoyed it and was glad that I got to see it with my gal pals, since Alan really did not want to go to this one!!

After all the hours, of cutting, sorting, collecting and setting up for the Class in RS, it was nice to sit back and relax and watch a good movie.......because I just love a good movie!!

Photo: IMDb
Then last night we decided just for the heck of it to go the midnight movie....this time Shawna's daughter Megan came with us and that was kind of fun because I was her Seminary teacher when she was a teenager!!  And we saw a great movie "Won't Back Down" I really think Allison and any other teacher needs to see this movie as well as any parent who still has children in school!!  It was very moving.
Photo: IMDb
Ever since the movie "The Help" I have been in love with Viola Davis as an actress and I wasn't disappointed.  Plus any movie that they make that is based on something that really happened, I'm all about that.  I know Hollywood changes a lot about a story to make it more entertaining, but still even if only have of it was true it was a Good movie!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I love visiting teaching!!

This month has been a fun month for visiting teaching.  One of our ladies(Vera) had a birthday that we took flowers and cake over to and had a great visit.  Two of our other ladies (Mary & Anita) had a new grandchild and great grandchild and we will celebrate this with them Thursday night!!  And today, with two of our other gals (Becky & Lacy), we went to the movie to see "Trouble With A Curve"  We originally were going to see "The Odd Life of Timothy Green" but I guess I looked at the wrong theatre and it wasn't playing at the one we went we took a vote and this is the one we ended up at.  It was one that I had wanted to see at some point anyway, and we did, and we all enjoyed it.

Then we went shopping at JoAnn's Fabric store because there were Christmas Stocking kits on sale that I make as a tradition in my family....I'm making ones for two nephews this year and I am having a grandchild....and she definitely needs one.  While there, I just couldn't walk by the costumes for Halloween with Lacy without getting Lacy's little girl a ladybug tutu costume!!  Too cute and she has her 2 y/o birthday coming it was fun to practice being a "grandma"!!

Another thing that was awesome, is that Becky helped me teach a RS class last Thursday night on how to make the Christmas planning book, I could not have done it without her help.....its always more fun with two!!

It was a fun day!!  And a good Month!!  As it always is, when I get to visit these sisters that I love!!

Tytan turns 11......when did that happen???

Seriously, when did Tytan grow up and not be a little boy anymore??  Time is going by too quickly!  Saturday (9/22/12) was my nephew Tytan's birthday and we had a little family get together!!  Good times were had by all..........and I loved the card I got him that said...."its not the cake, or ice cream, or gifts that makes a birthday happy, it's the people you spend it with"  And I thought it was very fitting.

First we took Tytan and everyone to "On the Border" for dinner where the wait staff sang happy birthday to him and he got to be embarrassed!!

Then we went to Aunt Elizabeth's house and opened presents -- which at his age is money because quite frankly I have no idea what to get an 11 yr old boy!!

The dogs trying to eat his money!!

Aunt Elizabeth gave him an American Express gift card

Allison is finally starting to look a little bit pregnant!!

Then we went bowling, where Tytan was so great and helped Aileen, and when she did good he got excited and Aileen looked over at him as he raised his arms in the air and cheered and I know that meant everything to her!

Allison took pictures at the bowling alley and the first one she took was of my big butt as I was bent over throwing the ball down the alley.....real funny Allison, yeah, I deleted that picture for ever!!

Then afterwards Tytan wanted to play Canasta which is a family tradition and only his 2nd time of ever playing it.  Tytan and I were partners and we won!!  And believe me, no one in this family lets anyone he has learned fast, and is a great partner to have!!

Happy Birthday Tytan!  I love you!!

Time with Allison....

I'm not going to lie, I really, really, really enjoy having John & Allison so close!!  Two (2) hrs is not far at all when you consider it was 18 hrs before!!  We have been down several times, but have tried to wait for the invitation......and thankfully the kids have wanted us to come!!

Last Friday, Allison called and asked if we wanted to come visit because John had an away football game and when he has an away game it is usually 1:00 am (Sat morning) before he gets home.  So Alan, Aileen and I headed to Tyler to spend time with Allison.  We enjoyed talking with her.  We talked about everything from politics, to babies, to t.v. shows and still could have talked through the night.  It's fun to watch Allison and Alan talk, they say daughters have a special attachment/bond with their fathers and they do!  And of course Aileen always loves seeing her sister.

The next day I wrote on paper in big letters YES/NO and asked Aileen some questions and here are her answers that she pointed to:

Do you like that John and Allison live close by?  Yes

Is Allison having a baby?  Yes

Is it a boy?  No

Is it a girl?  Yes

Are you excited to be an Aunt?  Yes

I think that says it all!!  We are excited and happy to be close by!

A "Popping" Good Time

I have a really strange attachment to Kristie Jensen!! She reminds me of Allison and every time I see her at church with her cute little family, I think of Allison and John and what they will look like in the future with their cute little family. So of course when they had a shower for her I wanted to participate!! She is having her 2nd girl, and we had a really fun time.  Some cute things were done at the shower.......Caitlin Thompson was the hostess and she knows how to throw a party, with some help from Kristie's sister and I made the pasta salad (NOT!! If you know me I bought it.....but I bought it at Jason's Deli and it was really good) Here are some fun pictures!! I didn't take any of the gals that came....just the cute decorations.....funny!!

L to R:  Caitlin Thompson, Kristie Jensen, and Kristie's sister

Every thing had a "pop" theme to it..... Carmel popcorn, cake lollipops, etc... very cleaver.

 the soda pop, was designer Cream Soda, red and cream colored with cute straws and strawberries in the cups!

 Cute clothes line

 All the gifts!!

And Kristie made these for everyone to thank them for coming!!  I had never seen where the person we were having the shower for made something for us!!  What a fun idea.
Not long after this shower Kristie started to have contractions a little too early so she has been in bed trying not to have the baby too soon!!  Our prayers are with her.....and be patient little one, and mom, your time will come!!

Fall programs are back!!!

So I am so excited that Dancing with the stars is back, and I think I like that they are having All-Stars!!  I love Emmit Smith he is one of my all time favorites, but I think I kind of miss getting to see all new people trying to win that mirror ball.  So we will see how I feel as the show goes on.  But it was a fun first week!!

Really excited for Castle to come back especially since he and Beckett seem to be together this season!!  Loved the first show, hopefully they will let them be together!  I want to see them work it out, not on and off again like so many shows think they have to do to keep us interested!!  They don't, we're interested!!

My oldest had a birthday.......

My oldest had a birthday (9/18/12).......

And she really needs to stop having birthday's because now I really am feeling old!!!  I have been thinking all year that she was going to turn 33!!  Whew!  She only turned 32!!  Feeling better now! lol!!  Anne Marie is really an amazing woman.  One I am so proud to say is mine, and that I raised her, because she really makes me look like a great MOM!!  But of course, I had nothing to do with it, she came that way, but every time I hear about something amazing she has done, like calling grandparents, or helping at a soup kitchen, getting excellent grades in College, sending care packages to soldiers overseas, or really just about anything I'm thrilled that I got to be her Mom!!  Happy Birthday Anne Marie!  I'm sorry this post is late, but the wishes are  not any less because it took me so long to post it!  I love you sweetie!  You have always been such a joy to me and Daddy!  Continue to follow your dreams...... ~love, Mom

Sunday, September 16, 2012

9/11 - remembering

I know 9/11 was last Tuesday, but I needed to post about it.
Photo: Remember 9/11
I remember 9/11 so well and still find it hard to remember it actually happened.  But I know it did.  It was during the time that I was a stay at home mom, so I was doing my usual straighten the house from everyone going off to work and school while I watched "Good Morning America" and they broke into whatever programming they were planning on having next to say that apparently a pilot had mistakenly flown into the World Trade Center, because of course no one could have even imagined that someone would do it on purpose.....and while they were talking we see a 2nd plane come flying into the picture and hitting the 2nd Tower of the World Trade Center....then we knew it was on purpose.

I remember being glued to the TV as we learned and watched scenes from the crash into the pentagon and then later the brave men who stopped the plane that was headed to the capitol or maybe even the White House with the plane crashing in Pennsylvania.

Who can forget the people running out of the building covered with white concrete dust, or people jumping out of the windows because of the burning building.  I watched in Shocked horror as the first tower collapsed and then the 2nd and oh, my gosh we lost so many of our brave firemen, policemen, and emergency workers.

And it would be a tragedy if we ever forgot all those who gave their lives on that day!!

I know you can't believe everything you read on FB or other Internet pages, but someone posted that they were an elementary school teacher and on 9/11 asked if her students remember what happened on that day, and they didn't remember even though it had happened in their lifetime.  But they knew all about the Titanic.  I hope this was a hoax, but it still made me sad and made me want to post something about this historic tragedy that happened on American ground, and kind of made us realize that we were not safe from Terrorist.

And with this election coming up for President, I hope that we will all be prayerful and vote for someone that will stand up for America and not Apologize.  And fight for our freedoms if need be.  Because those freedoms and liberties are what makes America so great!!

And if you've read my profile you know I'm Republican, so of course to me that person would be Mitt Romney.  We are worse off now then we were 4 yrs ago.  We cannot afford another 4 yrs of Obama.  But I really didn't intend for this to be a political statement.  But I pray that everyone can see that we cannot have Obama for president any longer and have our Country be the Country it is suppose to be.  I would hate to see how Obama would have handled 9/11.  And I am so grateful that Pres. Bush kept his promise to those who risked their lives for our freedoms and in fighting terrorism.  I pray we never see another 9/11 in this country.  And may we never forget those who died on that dreadful day!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Labor Day 2012

George, Dad, Elizabeth and me!!
Labor Day marks 3 yrs since Mom passed away.  This year we were able to get together with the family that is in Texas.  We never have really started a tradition before now, each of us have asked every year, but nothing has ever really come about....maybe because it was too hard, but this year everyone was ready to celebrate Labor Day and Mom's life by being together and BONUS for Elizabeth and George who always have to come to Fort Worth for these family things....they are now 1/2 way....they are the middle where we all need to get together so they were excited and felt they really should take advantage of this new phenomenon! 

Allison and John came from Tyler, George from Plano and Dad, Barbara, and my family came from Ft Worth to Elizabeth's home in Rowlett!!  Art barbecued and we had awesome roast and hamburgers, Barbara brought her delicious brownies, George brought chips and soda, and I brought deviled eggs and cheesy potatoes and I have to say the hit beside the awesome roast, was the fruit salad that Elizabeth was really good, I'm going to have to make that for upcoming holidays!!

We all enjoyed visiting and then we had to play Canasta in honor of Mom.  And Logan has inherited his Dad's lucky streak and gets all the wild cards!!  I was his partner and it was a lot of fun to watch him do so good.....of course that meant I did good too lol!!!  Then later Tytan said he wanted to play and he will be 11 this week and he really picked it up and also is lucky with wild cards...... it was fun to watch him do so well his first time out and be officially apart of the family tradition!!

 Aileen, Grandpa, and Dad all waiting for Elizabeth to tell us its time to eat!!!

 Barbara and Elizabeth getting the hambergers ready to grill.

George and John watching some game....there is always a game on t.v. somehwere!!!

 Allison, Logan and Tytan in the Entertainment room playing some video game....

Logan laughing because he agreed that I was OLD.....

Elizabeth singing a song for Barbara

 Allison, John and baby girl Rex!!!

 Some of us after our yummy meal!!

 Tytan playing with the 7 dogs.....yes I said 7!!

Playing Canasta

 Love this picture of Tytan and Allsion

This is later when Tytan got to play Canasta with us for the first time.  He was Aunt Elizabeth's partner!!
Good Times and I think Mom was there watching us all be together and enjoy each others company!  We miss you Mom, but we are carrying on!!