Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wedding Shower for someone else.....

Last night I went to a wedding shower for someone else....can I tell you it was great just to be a guest and have absolutely no responsibilities!!!! The wedding shower is for one of Allison's friends from high school and her best friends sister! I remember when I first met K...I had heard many things about her from Allison. That she was so beautiful, such a talented singer, so nice to everyone even the lower classmen, the Choir President etc... and Allison's goal was to be as good as she was. So when I met her for the 1st time and saw what a lovely girl she was inside and out.....I was pleased that Allison had someone that she really could look up to and strive to be like! That was a great gift for any parent. Then of course Allison did go on to go to All-state for Choir, become the Choir president and became a pretty lovely person herself! So very fun to go and be a part of a celebration for such a happy reason of such a beautiful person! Congratulations K!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Finally Bridals......

Finally, now that its all over I can post some bridal photos. We had to keep everything hush hush until John (and everyone else actually) saw her on her wedding day! I will say John's face when he saw her come down the hall at the Temple and he saw her dress for the 1st time was priceless! John had been trying (I don't think very hard, but hard enough to tease Allison) to get a peek at her dress and we had to do all sorts of crazy things to keep the photo's and the actual dress itself away from John's view! And Allison was so cute, when John was telling her how beautiful she looked she said "now wasn't that worth the wait?" and he like all smart newly married husbands said "yes, definately". Johns Dad who was waiting with him also commented on what a beautiful dress she had. Now I can post some of my favorites! The photographer was Tara Butler (who also did her engagements) with TaraB Photography and her website is:

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hard to believe....

Hard to believe it was pouring rain when we started at the temple....because this is how it looked when we were done and taking pictures. This is just a sneak peak of the photographer's work. I am anxiously waiting to see all the proofs! Our photographer in Salt lake was - Suzy Carlson with Jack and Jill photography.

Our photographer's website:

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wedding Memories & Miracles!

I know that I have been telling some of the stories, funny things that have happened, crazy things that have happened etc... as I have been posting about the wedding! But there are some things I have been waiting for pictures of to tell about. But I just can't wait any longer. So I will tell some highlights now and when and if I ever get pictures I will post in more detail!

At the Utah Wedding Reception one of the highlights for me was that 2 of my BYU room mates came with their families! I remember seeing Allison's room mates come through the line and thanking them for coming and then the next thing I know my BYU room mates came through the line! It was a very exciting moment! One of those room mates took pictures and I am trying to be patient to get my hands on one of them....but I will have to be a little more patient I guess! One of the Room mates was my Maid of Honor and they were both bridesmaids at my wedding 31 yrs ago, so that was extremely special!

I think I already told this story, but really, it was a miracle, it was pouring down ran the morning of the sealing....and I mean by the time we got in the Temple it was POURING! and I remember telling Allison that it was a good thing it was raining then, because it would stop and be sun shiny by the time we were ready to take pictures. Allison looked at me like "ya, right mom" but that is exactly what happened.

At the Utah Reception, every one of our close friends that had either moved to Utah now or was there when we lived in Utah.....came to the Reception. That was very cool. When sending out invitations I sent them hoping that they would be able to come since it was in Utah....and they all did! I loved that so much! My boss that I worked for, for 8 yrs, and who I became like part of the family was coming....but fell and ended up at the Doctors, but put in a special call to the reception center trying to find me and let me know they were on the way out the door when the accident happened. I of course was very relieved to hear that he was o.k., but really touched that they were coming! And that they wanted to make sure that I knew they were coming before it became impossible!

Our family on the Clay side is huge! So huge that everyone lived far apart from each other and so I did not know a lot of my cousins at least not closely! But there were a few that I was close to because we got to spend time together in College or during some of the summers!!!! And 2 of them were able to come. It meant the world to me T & C! One came all the way from Colorado to be there and surprised me! It was the greatest of surprises! The only thing that would have been better is if KK could have been there too!!!!

I'm not just saying this because it was my daughter's sealing, but the sealing was exceptional everyone has commented on how strong the spirit was in room. And totally amazing that having people come in late took nothing away from the ceremony and in fact added to the spirit as each missing person made their way in......kind of like how I think it will be in the Celestial Kingdom/ each missing person arrives!! Amazing!

All of Alan's brothers and sister, and their families were there! It really was so wonderful to see everyone and feel every one's happiness and love for our children at the Temple, the luncheon and the Reception! And all of his Aunts and Uncles on the Harris side that live in Utah were there! Many of Alan's brown cousins came and supported the Reception as well. Very cool!

All of my Aunts and Uncles that live in Utah came to the Utah Reception and/or Luncheon and my Aunt and Uncle who live in Texas came to the Texas Reception!!! So I got to see all of my Father's brothers and sisters except 2 (7 out of 9 siblings)! Found out that my Uncle O, knew the Rex's from when he lived in Washington, small world!

Most importantly to me personally...all of my brothers and sisters that could go to the Temple were in the Temple and everyone was at one or both of the Receptions! I love my family dearly and thank them for the support.

Alan and I have both said, our favorite time out of the last 2 weeks, was going through the endowment session at the Temple with our first child! It really is an amazing experience for a parent to get to do and I'm so grateful that Allison gave us this opportunity. You hear people talk about how wonderful it is....but until you get to go through with a child of your just really don't know!

Meeting all of the Rex family and finding out they are all as amazing as John is! That they would want to come to Allison's endowment and be apart of that, Grandma Rex came too! As I continued to meet all the family, extended family (both sides) etc.... I found each one just as impressive as the last!

In Texas all of Allison's High School teachers/mentors that played a huge role in Allison's success in High School came to the Reception! Amazing really when you think about it. I know that was something that the Rex's were very impressed with. And we got an awesome picture of all of them with her I can't wait to get it from the photographer! The only teacher we missed getting in the picture was her voice teacher, who left before we got everyone together! But we know she was there and that is what is important!

The Bishop that Alan was a counselor to, in Wichita, Ks, and his wife came to the Tx Reception. That was such an amazing surprise! It was so exciting to see them, I couldn't believe it. And some other dear friend's from Kansas the B's came down and also made all the flowers for the reception! We really are blessed!

Our Ward/Stake/Friends supported our family here in Texas like I never thought possible. I really would like to thank each of our dear friends that made the effort to be there and say thank you!!!! It meant everything to Alan & I that you would all come out, especially the Bishopric that Alan serves with now and all of my/our dear friends, you know who you are!!!

Allison's best friend and maid of honor, flew out to Utah to be apart of everything there, and since she is like our 4th daughter it made the day complete to have her there! Also very exciting several of my Seminary students came to the Utah Reception and/or Luncheon and/or Temple and one very close friend of Allison's (and my seminary student) flew in from PA to be at the Temple, the luncheon and the Reception. This was one of her Church friends that all through high school she did just about everything with! Good friends!

Having another one of Allison's church friends (they were a group that all hung out) get home from her mission the day before the Texas Wedding Reception and watching them hug and cry, hug and cry, that they didn't miss getting to see each other!

Both Father's words at the Wedding Luncheon were awesome and very heartfelt and I loved what Alan said.....he told a couple of good stories about John and meeting John and then he said that he remembered several General Conferences ago Pres. Hinckley saying to the know these women are taking a gamble on you when they marry you.....and Alan said that as a father of all girls, he was like -- That's right. But as he got to know John, he realized there was no gamble in Allison marrying John! I loved that sentiment!

The night before the wedding it was very late....too late really and Allison was trying to finish downloading the music for the dance for the Receptions and she couldn't get her laptop to work. It started overheating. It wouldn't eject, etc. etc. etc. and I remember thinking this girl just needs to get to bed and get some Alan and I both got down on our knees and started praying. When we were done she tried one more time to burn the music and it did! She was in bed in a matter of minutes! I know that may seem like a silly miracle to tell about, but Heavenly Father answered our prayers in so many amazing ways these last two weeks and this was just one little one that I felt I could shows the Lord is mindful of all our small and great concerns! And that he listens to all of our prayers!

In Texas when the photographer was taking Anne Marie and Allison's picture by themselves...........Alan and I watched Allison and Anne Marie look at each other in a way that makes parents cry...and then to see that Anne Marie was saying something very special to her younger sister! Don't know what it was, don't need to, just knew that it was something very special!

Sunday, after the Reception in Utah Saturday night, Aileen became very ill. So ill that she was throwing up and it didn't seem that she was going to be able to stop! So Alan and Grandpa Jay gave her a Blessing and she was able to sleep the whole night and travel the next two days without incident!

You know the kids missed their flight from Cancun to Fort Worth the morning of the Texas Reception. I have to admit I was a little stressed out....but John's father talked to someone at American Airlines and made sure they were able to get on the next flight! He saved our Reception! Before he got to a Supervisor - the airline people were saying, "well, I guess you will just have to change your plans". Thank you John Sr. for having the gift of persuasion.

Anyway, these are some of the things I wanted recorded so that I would not forget! Time seems to make us forget important facts and details if we don't write them down when they happen!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Texas Reception know you can't have a wedding without incidents, right? Well, Friday Morning I am headed to the airport to pick up Anne Marie as she is flying in from Utah, and then I was going to just stay about 20 minutes longer and then John and Allison were going to be flying in from Cancun. As I am driving to the airport, I get a call (the first one I've gotten since they left on their Honeymoon, no surprise there) from John and Allison and its John telling me that they missed their flight! So I laugh and say, "yeah, your funny John, your kidding right?" and at that point John says that no he is not kidding. I am kind of still chuckling a little, because a week and a half ago when John had an accident at work and cut his head open and had to get stitches, both he and Allison tried to freak me out by telling me he had a bald spot for pictures on his head where they had had to shave his head for the stitches! So I think they are trying to tease me again and get me all worked up......because right before they left for their honeymoon I told them 2 things....
1. No matter what you can not miss your flight since you are flying in the very day of the Reception.

2. No matter how tired, sunburn, sick from eating the wrong thing you are, you will both be the happiest people ever seen to be in Texas and at your Reception!

At which point, John once again says, "really, I am not kidding", and proceeds to tell me how it wasn't their fault. I think I deserve big points for not totally freaking out....and then I am given the assignment to call his parents and let them know as well as this is costing their cell phone a lot of money! While I was talking to John's mother, she got a call from them, so I guess they decided that maybe they needed to talk to his parents in person too!

So back to my phone call, I ask John, so when is the next flight and he tells me its at 12: 30 but it is full and they are only on standby and no guarantee that they will make that one either.....then the last one is at 5:30 or something arriving around 8:00 pm and same this point I just start praying!!!!

The good news is, they did make in onto the next flight, thanks to John's father, but it was leaving late and they didn't get in until 4:30 then they had to get through Customs, which takes 1/2 hr, then they had to drive from the airport through rush hour traffic and a Cowboy's pregame game traffic jamb to get to the Church so that we can hurriedly fix Allison's hair and get them all dressed and ready to greet their guest! Our Reception started 1/2 hr late, but we did it!!!!!!

the daddy-daughter dance... they both said they couldn't look at each other or they would start crying! I know I loved watching it!

Their first dance

They are just so great together!!! I love them very much!

And the Reception was as perfect as it could be seeing all of our friends, old and new, several from out of town that were a huge surprise and really touched my heart, but all of them so happy for our daughter and wanting to meet her wonderful husband!!!! It was perfect, right out of a dream! Thanks to everyone who came, and everyone who helped to make this night so special!!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Utah Reception

I really cannot wait until we get the professional pictures to put on here, but for now I can show you some of the Reception in Utah. It was held at Thanksgiving Point in the Garden room and boy was it gorgeous! Can't wait to see everyone here in Texas at our Reception, I think it will be beautiful as well. Exciting times!

Ahhhh, Stacey

Today my niece Stacey is getting married. And once again because of timing of our wedding I am missing a very big event in the life of someone who is very important to me! My heart is breaking to not be there. I love you Stacey, I hope your Wedding Day is everything you hoped it would be and more!

The Wedding.....

Allison had made arrangements with her room mate who was going to fix her hair to meet at her place at 5:30 am. So we were up at 4:00 am after having just gone to bed at 2:00 am! Crazy! But who can sleep anyway with so much excitement going on! We get to the home to get her hair fixed and it starts pouring. Allison puts a brave face on, but I can tell she is a little worried. I told her it was a good thing it was raining now, because then when she was done with her sealing in the Temple it would be over and the Sun would be out! And guess what .... that is exactly what happened! It was pouring down rain when we got to the Temple and shortly after, but by the time we got through with the sealing/marriage, it was sun shiny and beautiful!

Salt Lake decided to close 4 out of 5 lanes on I-15 for this busy Saturday, so there was a huge traffic jamb and many of our guests to the wedding had trouble getting there on time!!!! But everyone did make it and it was beautiful! It did, however, make the morning a little more stressful. John was late, his mother later than he, and my parents just barely got there before it was too late! But they did get there and it was perfect in every way!

The Wedding Luncheon.....

The Wedding luncheon was held in the Joseph Smith Memorial Bldg., the Presidential Room, across from the Salt Lake there should have been no problem getting there right? Wrong! I had never helped Allison in and out of her dress was the sales clerk at the sister-in-law at her Bridals as they were taken in Utah and I was in Texas, and guess what? I don't know how to do up lacing's, I guess, or undo them would be more accurate! But we finally got there and the lunch was Delicious and the company was so nice to have both of our families there for the wonderful Day! And Thanks to John and Marianne Rex for hosting such a beautiful luncheon! My little girl was treated like a princess!
Just a few pictures:
The beautiful room
an empty head table - no one can eat because I can't get Allison out of her dress!
Finally the bride and groom arrive!
Now everyone can eat!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Meeting the Rex Family.....

After we were done at the Temple on Friday, the Rex family and the Brown family went to "The Olive Garden" to celebrate and to get to visit a little more and really get to meet each other..... we had an awesome time, we talked, we laughed, we ate, we enjoyed!!!!!! Another amazing story.... my sister Elizabeth, who has done a lot to help me get ready for this wedding and who had bought a ticket to Utah on Expedia....ended up being very sick that she had to miss her flight. But she assumed that when she felt better the next day she would just be able to pay a change fee and catch another flight out.....but no, they said that her ticket had no value and that if she wanted to come she would have to buy another ticket.....and of course with it being a last minute ticket it would have cost a fortune!!!! She talked to a supervisor at American Airlines and they finally said that they would give her credit towards another ticket of what her ticket cost....but that she would still have to pay the difference and change fees etc....which still made the ticket cost $800 - $1,000. So of course she felt that there was no way she could come and we totally understood and felt horrible that all this had happened and we really hoped that she was feeling better...which she assured us she did. Well, Friday night Elizabeth came to "The Olive Garden" with Anne Marie and surprised us all. My brother Edward had used his mileage points to get her a ticket so she could be here. She really had helped on so many things, it would have been a shame if she had missed it. Thanks Edward for making that miracle happen!!!!

Mt. Timpanogas Temple

On Friday August 14, 2009, Allison Brown went to the Mount Timpanogas Temple to take our her endowments! It was a beautiful afternoon and many family members came to be apart of this joyous occasion! Alan and I have both said that we loved the wedding/sealing.....but that really the endowment was our favorite part of the whole weekend!

It was very special to be in the temple for that reason with our first child. We have heard other people talk about how wonderful it is, but you never really know until you have been there with a child of your own!

A funny story though, while in the Temple waiting for Allison to come into the instruction room, a temple worker came running up to me saying that she just had to meet my daughter, that her son Shawn had been her Home Teacher and she really needed to meet her. Now while she is going on and on about "just having to meet my daughter" I'm thinking, I know there is a Shawn in her group of friends, but I thought her Home Teacher was named Shane. But she was so insistent, that I thought I must have mixed up the names. So I tell her that Shawn was a very good Home Teacher and that I'm thankful and she says "Oh, I know he was, I know he was" then proceeds to say "and I hear she's pregnant" and I am totally startled and I say "Who?" and she says "your daughter!" I immediately say "I don't think so......she's not even married yet..." at which point the woman says "What is your daughter's name" and I say "Allison" to which she says "Oh, I'm looking for Michelle". I was pretty shaken up for a few minutes...but I was finally able to put it behind me and just enjoy the wonderful moment!!!!!

At Grandma's before heading for the Temple

Walking into the Temple - a very happy day!
More to come........

We are back.....

We are back from Utah and what a wonderful weekend it was!!!! I will be having to do several posts about the wedding and everything that went along with that. On August 8, 2009, Allison's sister Anne Marie and John's sister Jessica gave a shower for family in Utah, work friends and College friends and the shower had a great turn out.... Thanks to all family and friends who made the effort to come - some from several hours away just to be there!

Anne Marie and Jessica - The Hosts!


and guests....

and guests.....

and more guests.....

Yummy food.....

and of course presents.....

Thanks to everyone! I only wish I could have been there!!!!