Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Monday, I was the only one who had to work....

How did that happen?  That I was the only one who had to go to work???  John had the day off from school, so they stayed over Sunday night. And Alan decided since they were here he needed the day off too!  Monday morning I started typing early in the morning. When Charlotte woke up at 7:00 a.m. I offered to watch her so Allison could get more sleep.  So I enjoyed her for a couple of hours until she needed to nurse again.  It was great!  Then I typed some more before me and the boys went walking again.

It was really nice to get to do this together for two days in a row and I decided that I could get use to having the kids that close by!!

Then I went to work while everyone else played and rested.  We had Subway for dinner (because we know the calorie count on their food) and then got ready for Elizabeth and Logan to come to see Charlotte!

Elizabeth is holding her namesake!

Logan not sure what to do, but loving it just the same!

Really enjoyed the visit and getting to catch up with everyone!  So nice that Logan could come!

Later Sunday evening Charlotte had more visitors

 Katie Martinez (Butler) who was Allison best friend all through high school came over to see Charlotte with her husband Shawn.  Katie had been to Tyler to see her when she was a week old, but she has grown and changed since then.
 The rest of the Butler family came over too, it was so fun to have them over, Steve and Rhoda always called Allison daughter #4!  And we called Katie the same, so they definitely are like family!

Rhoda Butler

We also had Aunt Tootie (Charlotte's great Aunt) and her girls Lauren and Taylor over to see Charlotte for the first time.


Aunt Tootie (Debbie)

It was a really big day for Charlotte....

Sunday was great...

Sunday we started out with church, then Allison, John, and Charlotte came.  I think John wanted to make sure I was really walking my 2 miles like I said I was, but even more importantly, Alan had never walked, so he said....."Lets walk"  So we did, and I have to say it was awesome walking with my boys!!

We got home just as my dinner was ready to be served...Pot roast, potatoes, carrots, salad etc...and Dad and Barbara were invited so they could come over and meet Charlotte.

Charlotte was born on grandma great's birthday!!

Grandpa great and Charlotte talking to each other!!


What did the boys do......

What did the boys do while we girls were at the party for Charlotte?  They went cell phone shopping. Alan had really had it with his old fashioned cheap phone!! (we had go phones still)  He never could hear anyone very well and with his new job not hearing customers calling him for an order, is not a good idea!!  Plus we really do need to come into the 21st century.

So they found a deal, and got me one too!  So we spent the rest of the afternoon holding Charlotte, taking Allison grocery shopping and trying to learn how to use our new phones!!  I'm sure we tried Allison and John's patience, but they didn't show it, and we had a fairly easy transition...ha-ha!!

I love being able to take good and easy pictures with my phone....not going to lie, and viola, you push a button, and its uploaded on!! so nice!  Maybe we won't embarrass our children now that we look like we are not high tech challenged.

For dinner we were so exhausted we to take out from Outback!  I loved my dinner and only 407 calories!!

Saturday started really early!!

Saturday I got up at 5:00 to do my hair we could be on the road by 7:30 to go to Tyler for the Open House for Charlotte that started at 10:00!  It turned out to be a really lovely time and I enjoyed getting to meet the ladies in her Ward/Church even though it was their Youth Conference this weekend and there were some ladies that wanted to come but couldn't!!

Jenni Harris, is a wonderful friend of Allison's and hosted this party for her and Charlotte!

Please come in...

the beautiful table and food

Jenni cutting her 3 layered cake each layer a different
shade of pink!!  And it was so yummy!!

Love the tiny banner that says "Charlotte" on the cake

New idea, never seen before.....but they passed around diapers and
markers to each guest to write some advice or some cute saying
on the diaper so that when Allison pulls them out to put on
Charlotte, she will have something fun to read!

Little girl in the picture is Lily and she wanted to hold Charlotte so bad and
could not understand why she could not...too cute!!

This little boy, so cute, when Allison started nursing Charlotte he went to his mom
and wondered why he wasn't nursing she did!  funny!

Allison enjoying visiting with her friends

opening presents....

A happy grandma!!
It was such a wonderful Morning!!

Friday night was Callie's birthday party!!

Callie turned 5 and we all got together to celebrate!

Aileen always has fun when we get together as a family....but bowling is here favorite thing!!  If you add Soda (which she is not getting at home anymore, she is sad) and pizza, and birthday cake to boot, she is a happy happy girl! 

Aileen and Dad getting ready to rock n roll and bowl!

Birthday girl and her sister

All the kids ready to go.....

The birthday girl with Aileen!!

Aileen bowling

Kaity and Emilin bowling.

Callie bowling.

The birthday cake

opening presents!!

The weekend started out with a bang... if you count Thursday as part of the weekend!!

Thursday night we had respite care again....I could really get use to this...and Alan and I were able to go out on a date 2 weeks in a row now!!  There aren't too many movies out that are not Rated R - so I was happy and Alan was not so much but we went to see "Safe Haven" we really enjoyed it and in the end Alan said it was a really good show to see.

picture by: IMDb
We went Chili's for dinner because they have the guiltless menu so we could stay within our calories.

Then we went and bought a Pack N Play so that Allison and John can bring Charlotte to our house this weekend and she will have somewhere to sleep!!  They mentioned that they were going to try to come so Grandpa great (my Dad) could see Charlotte finally!!  We were happy to get ready for them!

It was a nice evening!!