Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tytan - Tournament Champ!!

This past weekend my nephew Tytan was in a tournament with his ProSkills Basketball team and they took first place!!  So proud of all you do Tytan!!  You are a talented Basketball player!  Congratulations!!

Cute memories

Here are some cute memories that I want to keep in my blog/journal of Charlotte.

The hit Christmas present was the purse with the cell phone
and as you can see she won't put it down....
might be a sign of things to come!!

She found the Cheerios in the pantry and is helping herself
The litte stinker!!

Soooo big that she can wear pigtails now!!

Wednesday, back to normal....

Wednesday and Friday afternoons after a get off work at noon, I have been going over to Allison's to help with and play with Charlotte!  I have been missing this, first because they were on Costa Rica, then because I was sick, and then because Aileen was sick!!  But last Wednesday, Jan. 8, 2014, life got back to normal!!!  After work Wednesday morning I headed over to Allison's and spend the afternoon with 2 of my girls!!

We did some shopping and it was fun to buy Charlotte some new tennis shoes because she is walking so good and is such a big girl!  And it was extremely fun to get to visit with Allison and focus on them for a change!
her new shoes!!

Friday, Alan was off so we both went over after I got off work in the morning and got to play with Charlotte, help feed her, get her ready for bed including bath time and then spend time with Allison before John got home from being the athletic trainer at some Basketball games that night.  We played cards and visited and just thoroughly enjoyed being with Allison.

It was very very nice to be back to normal!!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Flat tire, really????

So Friday the 3rd after being home with sick Aileen all week, I had to go to work because there was no one else that could work that day, so I go out at 7:00 am to get to work and my passenger side front tire is flat and not just a little flat, down to the rim flat...oh, my gosh!!  So I took Alan's car, after knowing that John and Allison were coming to help watch Aileen and they could take Alan to work and then I would pick him up later....

After I got off at noon, I arranged to have my car towed to the dealer to get a new tire!  Allison and John went home and I got a lot of phone calls done, bills paid, etc. that had needed to be done and then went and picked up Alan after work and as we had respite care this night we went out on a date!!  We got me a 2014 calendar so I could start keeping track of important info, we went to dinner and then to a movie.  It was an awesome time to be with my sweetheart and take my mind off all the worries of the past week!!

Then Saturday, I had my friend Becky help me go pick up my car at the dealership and we did a little shopping!  The Doctor gave me a gift card to CATO for Christmas so I could buy new clothes as I was losing weight and would need new clothes!!  So I got 2 skirts, 4 tops, boots, jewelry.  And beecause of waiting until after Christmas I got everything on sale!!  And I loved wearing one of my new outfits Sunday!!

And even though I didn't get to wear it that Sunday because I was with Aileen at the Emergency room....the next Sunday I looked awesome!! lol!!

After, Becky couldn't go with us, but Shawna and I went to dinner and to a movie and saw 47 Ronin, which we had been told by someone that it was not a good movie.  His direct quote was "I could have lived a lifetime without ever seeing 47 Ronin".  But we had liked the trailers and wanted to see it so we took a chance!  We thought it was great!  It was tastefully done with the violence that war always has and the story was good and we really enjoyed it.

Anyway it was a fun day....the only thing that made me sad is that the kids came over with Charlotte while I was at the movie!!  If I would have known that, I would have stayed home for sure, but they had said they weren't coming over!!  Oh, well, Alan got to spoil Charlotte all by himself!!

On Tuesday night after watching the biggest loser, I was highly motivated to get my Christmas Present, the Elliptical, put together....and I did it!!  Whoohoo for me!! and I worked out that night after I was finished and realized it was a very good thing I was not waiting any longer...I was out of shape from the holidays and being sick and really needed to get working out again!!  Whew, not a minute too soon!!  But I love it!! Thank you my sweet children and husband!  It is AWESOME!!

We've been sick and I'm ready for it to be over!!!

As you know basically the day after Christmas I got sick...full blown not feeling good on Friday, and at deaths door Saturday and Sunday!! Then slowly getting better after that.....

Well, Monday Aileen came down with a fever and got really sick.  Luckily I already had New Years Eve and New Years day off, but then had to stay home from work with her Thursday and then Fri Allison watched her for us while I went to work in the morning!!  We kept thinking she was getting better and we had kept her sleeping, drinking, and OTC meds going until Sunday morning when we could not deny she was not better and in fact worse!!

We went to the emergency room and they gave us an antibiotic, took chest x-rays and Yay, it was not pneumonia, just bronchitis etc... but still surprised it was not getting better so they also gave us some OTC meds to use and we went home and got all the meds gave her the antibiotic, and the OTC meds to which she proceeded to cough and cough and cough and cough all day with no break...she had to be miserable, because it had Alan and I on edge and we weren't even the ones coughing!  Then she started throwing up mucus....which we decided was a good thing until about at 8:00 at night she started really truly vomiting and not just mucus! I called the emergency room and they said yeah, we needed to bring her back in....you think?  Is what I wanted to say, but didn't.  They gave her some anti nausea medicine that they said would not only stop the vomiting, but also calms the rest of you down and makes you a little sleepy so maybe we can get her settled down and able to sleep to which I said "yes, please"!!  They also gave us an nebulizer so that if she started coughing out of control again we could gave her a couple of shots of asthma medicine to calm it down.  This all worked!

Monday and Tuesday Allison and Charlotte came to watch Aileen again so I could go to work.  And Monday worked out conveniently because Burleson's power was out and Allison and Charlotte needed somewhere warm to go!!  But really thanks to Allison, John, and Charlotte for helping us out you saved me and made it possible for me to still go to work some of the days so the Doctor wouldn't get too frustrated!!  It was a great service you gave to me and to Aileen!!

By Wednesday we gave it a try sending her to daycare....when I called that afternoon they said she was doing fine and happy!  So I was relieved.  She would still get a little worse at night with the coughing....but the coughing is the last to go and sometimes I thought I heard wheezing so I would give her the asthma medicine...but by Friday and Saturday she was back to normal!! Yay!!

Whoa, what a relief, wait a minute...what did you say Alan?  You are achy and cold, and have a sore throat!!!  Oh, now you have a temperature!!! NOOOOOOOOOO!  I went running and screaming to Church by myself and then got ready to come home and face another sick person!! Poor Alan!!  We got right on it though, so my hope is he will recover quickly!! He felt good enough to go to work today so we shall see!!

While the kids didn't have any power, they spent the night with us....so I was able to get a picture of them in their Christmas PJ's.....its tradition and this year has not gone anything like how it was supposed to, but the kids humored me so I could at least have my traditions!!  Now I only need a pic of Anne Marie in her PJ's...what you say, Anne Marie?   Don't hold my breath??? o.k.!!  Love you!!

So here is Aileen, Allison, John, and Charlotte in their Christmas PJ's even though they weren't all together at Christmas time!!


Sunday, January 5, 2014

Opening presents with Charlotte!!!

We had arranged with the kids that when they got back from Costa Rica, that New Years Eve we would have Christmas with them and we had invited our nephew and his family Steven from the Brown side of the family to come as well.....but then Aileen and I got very very sick, so we had to cancel!  In fact I had to wait way too many days to get to see Charlotte after they were back in town and it just about killed me!!  Then I had to wear a mask on top of everything else to try and keep anything from making Charlotte sick!!  I'll take it.....if that's the only way that I can see Charlotte and watch her open her presents....I'll take it!!


The kids got Alan the "Duck Dynasty" talking figures which he got a big kick out of....

And, Alan and all the kids got together and got me an Elliptical!!  I was so excited I couldn't believe it!!  I love it!!  Now when its cold I don't have to go outside!!!

Then we played Canasta.....Alan and I beat Allison and John....

They we got Buffalo Wild Wings take out....its so fun to see Charlotte eat so well now and be so grown up!!

She is so grown up in fact.....we might have to start a rule of no cell phones at the dinner table!!!!  Aunt Tootie's gift was the winner.....she immediately grabbed the cell phone out of her box!!

What a stinker!!  Love her!!  We are so grateful for all the family that we got to celebrate the birth of our Savior with!!  And extremely grateful for safe travel of our family.  And beyond grateful, if there is such a thing, for Anne Marie getting to have Christmas with her Grandma Brown!!