Monday, November 28, 2011

Catching up.....

And the winner of Dancing with the Stars is JR Martinez and Karina Smirnoff!! Who can be mad that the war hero won! Not me! Even though I believe that Ricki Lake was the better dancer and I liked her free style, but I have to admit, that Rob and Cheryl had a killer "Free Style" I really thought he could have won. And I will say, JR and Karina had a show stopping "free style" dance as seen below and therefore took home the mirror-ball trophy!!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, even though it was just Alan, Aileen, and myself, it was very relaxing, no pressure, no cooking, no fuss, it was GREAT!! We did get invited to join Barbara's (my step mom) family for Thanksgiving and as always it was nice to be together and visit. Aunt Beverly always has wonderful food, lots of room to gather, and beautiful big screen tv's to watch the football games on!! This year was fun because my step brother, Chris, brought a girlfriend for us to meet! She is a beauty and after meeting her and talking with her it is clear she is as beautiful on the inside too! My understanding is that Chris has never brought a girlfriend to meet the family so this is serious stuff going on here and Chris is going to her family for Christmas!!

Chris and Ashley
Alan and I finally were able to celebrate his birthday!! He was sick, I was sick, Aileen was sick, then I had to work full days instead of getting off early on Wednesday's and Friday's so that we could go before Aileen got home from Day Care --- so finally we celebrated!! We went to see "Tower Heist" and went to dinner at Salt Grass!! It was a great date and we had fun being together just the two of us!!

I have had an awesome compliment from my daughter's mother-in-law!! She saw the Christmas socks that I made for John and Allison and asked if I could make some for her family!! Of course I will be happy to make their Christmas Socks and here is one of them that we picked out for the Dad!! As soon as they get here, whenever you see me from now on, I will be embroidering and sequining away!!

And this you are going to die over.......I have seen "Breaking Dawn" part 1 four times!! I know, I know, its crazy right? But in my own defense, its because different people ask me to go see it with them and I just can't say NO!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dancing with the Stars - the finale!

So my favorite show - Dancing with the stars will have its finale tomorrow night and I am very excited. I'm happy with who is in the finale - I would have been very sad if Hope Solo had made it - she is a great athlete I'm sure, but she is not a dancer but even more so I would have been unhappy because of the attitude.


I'm going to go on a little rant here for a minute - I think Maks has soured Hope for many people. First off, I don't think Maks should be back on the show again! His attitude is terrible and he is mean to his dance partners while in training! I think everyone was shocked on the footage we saw before the group dance a couple of weeks ago! Thank heaven's Derek was nice to her when Maks stormed out and that Cheryl also helped her nicely get ready for the team dance. I thought he was supposed to be the professional!!! And him going off on the judges was bad, bad, bad. No one wants to see that. The judges say what some might call "mean" things to EVERYONE! That's their job to tell what is wrong, or what they need to improve on, and the people who listen like Rob, and Ricki, come back and then get rave reviews because they listened and tried to improve. Last season, when Mark Ballas started going off on the judges, I was worried and started not liking watching them because of it....and I loved when his partner said that she thought he was hurting their chances because it seemed as if they were saying they deserved something or were entitled to something and no one is that.....I loved that he listened, he stopped and they went all the way to the finals because they worked hard and they were good and they didn't act like they were entitled!! I think Mark is an incredible choreographer, but I still didn't like him so much when he fought with the judges.

Another thing that I thought was so very unprofessional was all the swearing that Maks and Hope did about - forget the judges with a much worse word then "forget" used and Hope saying she didn't even want to look at the judges etc... if Maks really was the "professional" he would have told her to hold her head high and listen and act professional. And I was really incensed when Hope told everyone that the judges have wanted her gone since the beginning.....Sweetie, you need to hit replay and watch the previous shows, they actually wanted you to stick around and I thought they favored you over others that maybe should have still been there....can anyone say David Arquette! He wanted to be there and was willing to work hard.

I won't even go into Maks comment about "It's my show", I do think it was a language thing....that came out wrong....but not helping his case any! I did wonder however, what all the other professional dancers who come and work hard and take the criticism professionally and just try to help their celebrities get better - felt about his comment!! And I'm glad that ABC or the show has kept Maks and Hope off of the talk show circuit! who wants to hear more of them!! NOT ME!

And my last rant and I can't really rant, because I didn't vote - I think the last 4 should have been, J.R. Martinez, Ricki Lake, China Phillips, and Rob Kardashian - I would have never thought that I would be cheering for Rob, but he has worked really hard, listened to Cheryl and the judges and has really become a dancer so fun to watch. Cheryl is a great choreographer and teacher.

But if there was anyone who could say - "It's my show" it would be Derek Hough, but he would never say so. There is no one who can choreograph like Derek!! I love to watch every dance and I loved getting to see him really perform his spotlight dance, the Flamingo, I think it was - that was Wow, there are no words for how incredible that was. And I loved his and Anna's Paso that the fans voted for them to dance! He has always choreographed amazing dances and I knew he had to be a good teacher, but I have loved seeing this season, that he can choreograph/teach great dances no matter the size of his partner - he has always had skinny celebrities to dance with - and Ricki I do not think was fat, but she was not the normal skinny celebrity he has gotten in the past either. He is just good!

O.k., done with the rant. It will be fun to see what everyone does. J.R. Martinez is amazing and a war hero and someone who is just happy and fun to watch and he is the favorite. But I still hope that Ricki Lake wins, I've loved her attitude of just working hard and getting it perfect and then going out and performing it beautifully! But I also, hard to believe, wouldn't mind if Rob Kardashian won - he really is what the competition is all about, about not being a dancer and then every week just getting better and better because of hard work and then winning! So, really I'll be happy with any, but still my favorite is Ricki Lake.

Can't wait to see!

Saturday - what a great day!

Saturday was a lot of fun.

First, I had a baby shower to go to. It was for a young woman of our congregation/ward that is not very active so Becky Wangler and Shelby Denti wanted to have a shower for her so that more people could meet her and get to know her and hopefully have her feel more comfortable around us. There was a good turn out, but funny thing, she had her baby Thursday and it was a c-section so she wasn't even getting home from the hospital until later I think they did a brilliant thing. They video taped us all opening our own gifts to her and us telling her what we got her and congratulations etc...! And we all still got to visit and eat goodies and see what everyone gave her. I thought it was brilliant!

Second, I then rushed home so that I could pick up Alan and Aileen and we all headed to the Oliver Garden restaurant so that we could be at a surprise birthday party for David Ukle! He turned 50 this year and according to his wife has never had a birthday it was really nice to get to be apart of this one!!

Third, Alan then had to rush home and change to a suit to go up to Stake Leadership Meetings at 4:30pm and then Aileen and I met him at 7:00 pm for the Adult meeting of our Stake Conference. It was a good evening with good talks and messages.

Fourth, we hurried home to watch BYU trample over New Mexico State and see our son-in-law on TV on the sidelines doing his athletic trainer thing - awesome!

Finally, you add that I got to talk to both of my girls that live far away and you know..........

It was a great day!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Midnight at the movies!!


Yes, I'm a dork, and Yes, I was at the movie theatre at midnight to see the "Breaking Dawn" movie part 1!!! In fact, for the first time I was able to go to the movie theatre early and sit through the 3 previous movies of the Twilight saga before seeing the new one at midnight!! I had an awesome time!! My favorite thing has always been to "go to the movies" so to get to see 4 all in one evening was amazing

I also, thought that "Breaking Dawn" part 1 was really well done, and I can't wait to go and see it again!!! Like I said, I'm a dork.........but a good one!! lol!

Oh, yeah, and we took our visiting teach sisters with us!!! MaryAnn Stephens and I had a great time with Becky Wangler, Lacy lassiter, and Shawna Rhea. Yay for Visiting Teaching!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Chosen Generation

Today's Gospel Doctrine lesson for Sunday School was 1&2 Peter and Jude and talked about a chosen generation. Now I don't know about you all, but when I hear that, I think about the youth today. I've always know that they are 0lder than we adults spiritually and there is no doubt that they are heads and tails more knowledgeable in the Gospel then I was at their age, and that their testimonies are stronger at a younger age because they are the "Chosen Generation" for these last days.....they have to be stronger, more committed and more sure of their testimony because of the World today and all the temptations that are more "in your face" then they were when I was a teenager.

But the lesson brought out that we are all a chosen generation. And a couple of times while thinking of this lesson, I visualized having posters all over the room of scripture hero's. I told Alan about my idea, and that several times I had the prompting of using these posters I had seen online and at Moon's LDS Book Store in Dallas. And I love Alan because he said, "Well, lets grab Aileen and go then, because you always want to follow inspiration".

So my room was filled with these beautiful posters of Scripture Hero's and I started by asking the question - when you see these posters what does it make you think of? I got awesome answers like - amazing stories from the scriptures, obedience, great faith etc...

Then I asked, When I tell you that the lesson is titled "A Chosen Generation" what do you think of when you see these posters? And I got great answers, like they were all Chosen for a specific purpose in their generation, they are the examples, examples that we hold up to the youth today and say they need to have courage to stand up for truth like these larger than life characters in the scriptures, etc...

I then quoted Elder Bruce R. McConkie's quote that a chosen generation is “not those living in a particular period or age, but … the house of Israel both anciently, in the meridian of time, and now in these latter-days. … [It includes] faithful members of the Church who have taken upon themselves the name of Christ and been adopted into his family” (Doctrinal New Testament Commentary, 3 vols. [1966–73], 3:294).

Then I talked about how we are a chosen generation and then throughout the lesson referred to the posters of the hero's. I think it really set an amazing tone to the start of the lesson that continued all the way to the end.

I wish I could have gotten the whole room in one picture so you could really get the feel, but even though it had to be broken up into 3 pictures. I think you get the idea. I am always grateful for the blessing of inspiration that the Lord continues to bless me with so that I can fulfill my calling and hopefully help others to feel their Heavenly Father and Savior's unconditional love for them!

I know that I feel it daily! I am a daughter of a King and part of a chosen generation and I have a purpose on the earth today!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Guest's for the weekend!!

We have company for the weekend!! Our Nephew Steven Brown and his family are here visiting and have been a joy to have in our home!! What a delightful little family He and Teresa have. Miriam is 9 and Dallin is 5! I have learned that my house is no longer child proofed but nothing I own materially is more important than family!!

Steven has worked for the Mayo Clinic as a statistician, then for a drug company where he helped test and do statistics for new drugs that they are trying to get approved for consumer use, and now he has been hired by a hospital in Dallas so they will be moving to the Dallas area very soon!!

It will be fun to have more family close here in Texas.....and Teresa (Steve's wife) has family in Houston, so that will be nice for her as well.

They originally asked if they could live with us for awhile until they could find the "right place" and we told them of course but also felt that they needed to understand what living with Aileen and our crazy schedule is like, so I think this weekend is kind of a "test" to see if they would be comfortable living with us for a couple of months.

We will see if we have passed the test!! But either way, its going to be great to have them close by!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sarah the Artist!

My niece Sarah Hauser is turning into a great artist. I know that she is being tested for the gifted program to which Grandma Barbara said "She will definitely get in" and since Grandma Barbara is a teacher she is someone you can listen to on that. And after seeing Sarah's latest accomplishment I believe that if she isn't already in the gifted program that is definitely where she belongs!!

Sarah won the Dr. Frandsen Art Award

Art Student of the Month for the 2nd grade.

The theme of her artwork here is: Diversity

The hair and clothes of the paper dolls were created from paper and fabric and I am very impressed with the intricate work she created!!

Congratulations Sarah!! We are so proud of you!!