Saturday, August 31, 2013

For my lesson in Gospel Doctrine....

So, for my lesson in Gospel Doctrine about temple marriage...I loved the visual aides I brought to class that day!!  It went perfect with the quote...

"President Boyd K. Packer of the Quorum of the Twelve taught: “The ultimate purpose of all we teach is to unite parents and children in faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, that they are happy at home, sealed in an eternal marriage, linked to their generations, and assured of exaltation in the presence of our Heavenly Father” (in Conference Report, Apr. 1995, 8; or Ensign, May 1995, 8)."

Along with many other quotes and messages in the lesson!

I had these two pictures on display.....


Charlotte loves it when Grandpa comes....

I try not to take it too personal that Charlotte loves when Grandpa comes!!  She was so excited when he came in the door, that she "army crawled" as fast as she could right over to him and wanted him to pick her up!!  It was too cute and Grandpa of course loved it!!  And loves her, I might add!!  So Friday was Grandpa's night.  He held her and played with her and then got to help get her read for bed!!

Earlier in the day Charlotte watched Allison and I as we made salsa!  and entertained us in the kitchen while we were doing the work!  She did let us know when we weren't paying enough attention to her!!  Funny girl!


John, had their first Football game that night, and we were all going to go and support the team and John with Charlotte wearing the school colors and all.....but of course that all changed with Charlotte getting sick.  So we stayed with Allison who is stuck at home and played Shang-hi (card game) that John doesn't really like to play so we don't play it very often...but Allison loves, so we played that with her and of course she beat us!!  But we had a good time!

We will be with John at the games as soon as we can, but right now its important to keep our daughter sane and not alone with Charlotte for so many hours everyday!  This is John's biggest time of being gone for long hours every season!  We forget how much he has to be gone until it comes around again!  Luckily they are closer this season so we can be more help!!

Funny story:  Charlotte has a million toys but her favorite thing to play with is a water bottle!  So easy....makes you wonder why we spend so much for toys!!

Whooping cough - where did that come from????

Tuesday night we got a call from Allison saying that the test results from Charlotte's visit Friday to the Doctor came back positive for Whooping Cough!!  Since she has been getting her vaccines, and Allison made us all get whooping cough and flu shots before she was born or we couldn't help care for her....we are baffled!!  I'm so glad that Allison is such an amazing mother, though, that they caught it so early on and started the treatments last Friday!

She took her to the Dr. a couple of weeks ago for a cold/or something because of Charlotte's cough that wouldn't go away.  Of course, as all mother's know, she never coughed once for the Doctor and was all smiles and happiness, even though she had been keeping her mother up nights coughing!!  So he would check her lungs, ears, nose, throat, etc... all clear and told her to come back in a week if it wasn't better or worse....  Allison had been trying to record the cough so the Doctor could hear it but of course that never worked out, so she started researching on the Internet coughs and told me that it sounds like whooping cough without the whoop!!  She told the Doctor the same thing when we went back last Friday, and once again, all clear in the lungs, nose, throat, ears....still baffled, but believes what the mother is saying so they do a nose swab test for pertussis (whooping cough) and start her on the treatment for same.

Then Tuesday we find out its positive and we all need preventative treatment!  So glad they had already started Charlotte and that the Doctor didn't just blow Allison off as not knowing what she was talking about!!  And for someone with such a sad cough, Charlotte is amazingly happy!  But she has always been a happy baby, Allison is lucky there.  But when she is sleepy and during the night of course you can really tell that she doesn't feel good!  Poor baby!!  But she is getting better but she and Allison are stuck at home until the cough is gone....anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks!!  Because of this I have been spending my Wednesday and Friday afternoons after work visiting with Allison and hopefully giving her some break and time to run errands if she needs to!!

Wednesday afternoonw with a cheerful sick baby girl!!

Week 30 - Biggest Loser - Charlotte Edition!!!

Charlotte Rex 7 months!
Week 30 - Biggest Loser Charlotte Edition:  It's a big week for Alan as he is now under 300 lbs!  And not just barely under be well under!!  Yay!  I'm so proud of you honey!  I know how hard it is!  So he has lost probably 100 lbs!  It's very impressive!

I'm down 1 lb.  Which I am happy with!  Last week I lost 5, so I was afraid I wouldn't lose any this week so I'm happy with 1 lb.   I'm down 88 lbs now!  Basically I've lost 6 lbs in 2 weeks.  Not bad!!

Aileen has lost 2 lbs.  We need to get better at helping her.  But every time we make her walk any distance with us she is limping and not putting any weight down on her foot and in a cast brace boot!  And since we don't really know how much it hurts her to walk we hate to push it....with her CP gait and legs that are constantly bent!!  But the Dr. suggested walking with her in the pool since she likes the pool!  Great idea!  We will have to take her swimming more!  And walk!!

It's been a good week for all of us.  Enjoy the picture of the reason we are doing all this!!  We want to be alive and well to go to Charlotte's Graduation, Wedding, etc.....  Love this girl so much!!

This week Alan and I went to our Primary Care Physician (PCP) which we have not seen since we have started all the big weight was fun to see her face and see how excited and wow'd she was by what we have been able to do.  She also told me that my goal weight is perfect for me to have as my goal weight.  So at least I know I'm on the right track!

And can I just say, I never get tired of hearing people say how great I look and how excited they are for me losing all the weight!  I'm sorry that I need that!  But its what keeps me going on the hard days!!  Thanks every one!  I have great friends and family for support!!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Sunday at Grandmas!!

One thing I love about the kids being so close is Sundays when they come over to our home!!  We didn't have dinner today, because of home teaching appointments etc....but they did come over later and we played a few games of Canasta!!  It was nice to relax as I had given a talk in Sacrament meeting and then taught my Sunday School/Gospel Doctrine class!  I saved a token cup from Chuck E. Cheese on Saturday for Charlotte to play with and she was so funny she wouldn't put it down or take it away from her mouth for pictures!  she is smiling but smiling inside the cup....she is such a corker!!  She makes us all laugh.  I still wonder what we did for entertainment before she came along???



Emmy turns 4 and she had a PARTY!!

my niece Emilyn, turned 4 on Saturday and so her parents had a big birthday party that day at "Chuck E. Cheese in Arlington!  As always its fun to get together with family....but I think this is the first time in a long time that Aileen as been to Chuck E. Cheese and she loved it!!  It was too cute, she would put the coin in and then tear off the tickets....the playing the game was just a happy coincidence!  But she had a lot of fun and even got a princess wand from being at the princess birthday party!!  Pizza is her favorite thing so that was a big hit as well!  When I took her shopping for the present. I gave her different options and asked her which we should get and she actually put the other gift back on the she went with the Disney Princess dishes!!  And Emmy loved them!  The afternoon was a success!  And I loved spending time with my girl, Aileen!!  Love you sweetie!! And Happy Birthday Emmy!  Love you!!  And thanks for inviting us!!
Emmy (far right), Ladin and Emmy's cousin on her mom's (Mandi) side
Kaity is in booth behind with Mandi's Grandparents

L to R: Lauren, Callie, Summer, and Taylor


Grandpa, Diana, and Aunt Tootie
Grandma, Aunt Tootie, and Aunt Lois

Diana, Aunt Tootie, and Grandma
Emmy's Mom (Mandi), Aunt Tootie, and Diana




Aileen likes riding in our new car!!

Saturday, Aileen and I had several errands to run while Dad was at work, and then off to the Temple with the youth of our church to do Baptisms for the Dead!!  And I realized that this was the first time that Aileen had been with me in my new car!  Usually when we are going places we are all going together in the bigger car.  So I opened the sun roof and she loved it!  She kept putting her hand up through it because she couldn't quite believe that there was no roof!!  So I got her a diet coke for the ride and she was so cute just relaxing with the sun roof open tooling around with Mom in her new car!!  It was great!!

Anne Marie started Nursing School!!!

Friday, Anne Marie started nursing school!! We are so excited for her and so proud!!  She has worked long and hard to get here and we have no doubt that with her determination she will make it and be a great success!!  We love you sweetie!  We wish we were closer!  But you are always in our hearts and prayers!!  Proud of you every minute!!

Week 29 - Biggest Loser - Charlotte Edition

Yay, I lost 5 lbs this week for a total of 87 lbs! (because I gained 1 lb last week this was not as great a victory as it could have been.... but hey, I'll take it).  So the reason I gained, I've figured out with John, is all the Diet Coke I drank last week!!  I did rebel because of A/C breaking down etc... and just gave in and drank Diet Coke - a lot.  But this week I was back on the wagon and it's amazing how much difference that one thing makes!!  Live and learn!!  But I'm happy, happy, happy!!

5th and last day of goes so fast!!

Friday I was all dressed and ready to go jog/walk when I got a text that said Allison was very ready for me to come....Charlotte had woken up every hour Thursday night all night long and Allison was very tired and probably really needed a break.  So I decided I could workout at their gym while John was home for lunch and skipped the walk and headed right over to Allison and Charlotte!  I was able to help watch Charlotte and get her down for a 2 hr nap and made is possible for Allison to get a break and try to rest too!  This is what I wish I could do every day if I didn't to me this was a perfect way to spend the vacation day...helping like I wish I could more often!!!

I did work out during lunch on the elliptical, of all the different types of machines I love that one the best, I wish I had one of those, but happy to at least have a stationary bike for Alan and for when I can't walk.

 We then went to Target to see what was on sale in the baby department and you know I found some cute outfits.  Then we took Charlotte to her Doctors appointment to see why her cough isn't getting any better.

Alan waited for Aileen's bus, and for her respite care person to get to our home, then he headed to John & Allison's to be with us so that we could spend our date night with them and play cards!!  We got takeout and
Grandpa sure loves Charlotte!!
And charlotte loves him!!
Allison and John beat Alan & I....but they were close games!!  We always have fun laughing and playing games.  We are so grateful that our kids like being with us and that its their idea to spend time together!!  Love it, Love them!!