Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Doctor is in!

Monday, was Dr. Malofsky's birthday! He is one of the few adult men I know that loves having a big deal made out of his birthday, no matter what he says!!! He was so surprised when he showed up for work Monday morning and found his office decroated! He loved it and I had fun sneaking around and doing it!!! This way all his patients that day could tell him Happy Birthday! We really did celebrate all day long!!!

The door from the waiting room to the exam rooms!

Dr. and Marcia Malofsky

The Doctors Office

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Stake Activity Day Girls -

The Stake Primary had a big Activity Day Girls, activity. The day is focusing on gifts and service that they can do for others. Sister Denti asked if Aileen could be one of the people that the girls get to do service to and for. Of, course I said Aileen would be thrilled, and she was!!!

Each group of girls of 4 or 6 had someone that they took to 4 different booths/rooms to do service.

Room 1: They gave Aileen a hand massage with lotion and then painted her fingernails.

Room 2: They had Aileen sit at the front of the room and I told a little bit about Aileen and how she gives service, and then answer any questions they may have. I took the baby doll clothes that I dressed Aileen in when she weighed 2 lbs 6 ozs. in the hospital and told about Aileen's handicaps.

Room 3: They sang 3 songs to Aileen. Ending with her favorite "I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus" she was rocking to that song!

Room 4: They showed Aileen how to make 4 different snacks, a meat and cheese croissant, cantaloupe, and pretzel and chocolate treat, and fancy water where Aileen had to choose if she wanted a lime wedge or orange wedge in her drink! She picked lime!

Then we thanked them and we were done...... I know they had other things going on in different parts of the building and that Sis. Denti had other women coming to let all the other hundreds of girls do this very same thing when they came to her section. But Aileen loved being asked and had a really good time!!! Thank you!

Allison and Kate

Allison and Kate have been friends ever since Kate moved into our Ward here in Fort Worth when they were Freshmen in High School. They also happen to be a couple of my former Seminary Students. They both went to BYU-Provo, they have both married in the Temple to fine young men (RM's) they are active in the Gospel and have strong testimonies. They go to the temple together as couples and today Allison went to Kate's Baby Shower, as Kate is having her first baby, a girl!!!

Kate and Allison, of course, have other friends and different interests but they will always have a special bond and that will always keep them connected through the years, even if they end up not getting to see each other very often because of jobs, where they end up living after college etc...

I'm so grateful to get to see these young women continue to grow, be strong members of the church and start families of their own...... even if one of them is my own daughter!!!

Anne Marie leads the way........

Anne Marie called us the other day and told us that she had purchased a 72 hr kit for herself and that we needed to do the same! Interestingly enough because of the horrible earthquake and tsunami in Japan, Alan had been talking about the very same thing. But where we have just talked, Anne Marie took action! And she keeps checking with us to make sure that we have done it!!!

I am also extremely proud of her in her college work. She is taking anatomy in school this semester and was not happy at all with how her first lab test went. (my children are over achievers, its a curse sometimes, they have to get straight A's or they aren't happy) This lab test is the first of 2 where they have cadavers with different labels on body parts etc.. and you have so much time at each table and then you have to move on....very tense, very hard.

Of, course she realizes it has to be hard or anyone could be a nurse...... but where most students would get discouraged or give up, she just works harder and is getting better grades on everything else so that she can bring up her test score and still do well in the class.

Like I said, very proud! I have great daughters!


My husband is not one that looks for praise, but it is nice when he gets it! And I for one think he deserves it!

As, in previous posts we have talked about the funeral that just happened in our Ward last week. But one thing that you don't know is that the Bishop was out of town for Spring Break in Puerto Rico. So that is one reason that Alan was so involved with and felt so responsible for helping this family get everything taken care of that needed to be taken care of. And why he needed to meet with the family to plan the funeral etc... doing a lot of the things that the Bishop would do if he was in town.

Bishop got back in Town Thursday night and the funeral was Friday. After the funeral was over, the Bishop told Alan that he appreciated so much all that Alan did and how nice it was to come back in town and just have to show up to conduct. That it was a wonderful gift. Alan was very touched by this comment. And appreciated that the Bishop would recognize that he had worked very hard so that the Bishop could do just that!

This man is my hero!!!

Aileen and Grandma Clay

Cute Story! For anyone that doesn't think Aileen knows exactly what is going on.....this one is for you!!!

Two Sunday's ago, Aileen was loud. So loud I had to take her out of Sacrament meeting. As soon as we sit on the couch in the lobby she is content! Happy to just sit right there the whole meeting. I will not let her do that. I always talk to her about how we need to be in the meeting and that that is where Heavenly Father wants her to be etc... Then I take her back in and "warn" her that she needs to behave and be quiet for Heavenly Father and Jesus! And as in the case of most 3 or 4 yr olds (the age that Aileen is developmentally), sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. We made it through Sacrament meeting without too much more trouble.

Then it was time for my Gospel Doctrine Sunday School lesson. My Dad and Barbara usually help with Aileen during this time (Aileen's Grandpa and Grandma Clay) and really from the beginning of the class Aileen was out of control, so Grandma took her out. When class was over she brought Aileen back to me and said, "We had a nice stroll around the building. We stopped at the nursery and visited with Aunt Tootie. Then we sat in the lobby and I showed her pictures out of my Gospel Principles manual and she listened and watched. She was really very good."

I said, "Of course she was. She is always happy when she doesn't have to sit in the meeting. She loves sitting in the lobby!" So, I looked at Aileen and said, "We need to go into Relief Society now, and you need to be still in class and not be disruptive, because we are not going to sit out in the lobby!!!"

As I was saying all of this to her in a very firm, but loving way, Aileen grabbed Grandma's hand and started walking away. She was going with Grandma and did not want to have anything to do with me! I just started laughing. Grandma was surprised and looked back at me and said, "She just grabbed my hand and started pulling me away from you!" To which I laughed and said, "I'm sure she did. She is telling me, she is just going to be with Grandma!" She did not want to have anything to do with me! Too funny!

Yes, she is a normal child!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

So many things.....

It has been many days since I have been on my computer. All I can say is, I am tired of being sick! Even the Doctor that I work for said to me the other day, "Lois, you have been sick a lot this year!" That is never a good thing for an employer to think. But I have had a cold with the crud that will just not go away. And If I'm not having that problem, I have had Allergies. Bad Allergies. Now, I have not had to miss any work because I seem to get sick on Friday afternoons, be sick all weekend, then better again on Monday. At least where I am not giving anyone anything, I just have this lingering obnoxious cough! Or I loose my voice, but not contagious anymore. It really is driving me crazy. This last cold or whatever it was came from my husband! Thanks dear!

Last Thursday, at our Relief Society Meeting, I sang with MaryAnn Stephens and Sara Morrill. It was extremely fun for several reasons. I had never performed with these ladies before. Sara, as a teenager was one of my seminary students! And last but not least, the song sounded beautiful. It was a Sally DeFord song that I had never heard before called "Fill the Well Within" and was lovely in its simplicity and message! The 2nd picture is of me with two of my Seminary Students all grown and with children of their own now!!! Where has the time gone???

Sara, Lois, MaryAnn

Annaliesa, Lois, Sara

Friday, was Brother Curtis' Funeral. I helped with food for the family dinner, but had to be home to get Aileen off the bus right at the time the funeral was, so I went to the viewing, spoke with the family and went home to get Aileen. Plus I needed to get to bed as that was when I was really feeling my sickness come on. But Alan said that it was a really nice funeral and said that the 21 gun salute was really something. That was the one thing I was the most sad to miss, I was going to take a picture of that! Alan said that cars pulled over on the street until it was finished out of respect. Very cool!

Saturday, I just tried to rest, then we all loaded up and went to "On the Border" in Arlington to meet with family for my sister Elizabeth's Birthday dinner! We had a really good time and the food as always was awesome!!! We did have to hurry home and watch the BYU vs Gonzaga game that we had recorded and boy was it a beauty to watch!!! Yay! BYU. Can't wait to see March Madness continue with BYU vs. Florida!

Alan, Aileen, Elizabeth, Lois

Aunt Lois and Emmiline

Grandpa and Landin
Oh, and did I mention Alan and I both filled out our March Madness brackets and have a bet going.....and I really want a Kindle so I sure hope I win. Alan thought I was crazy with some of my picks....but guess whose ahead.....that's right me!

Sunday, was my Gospel Doctrine lesson and church, Ben Hepworth (Seminary Student) giving his farewell talk in Sacrament meeting before leaving on a mission which was excellent, then more resting!! It's only Wednesday but if feels like it should be Friday!!! And yes, I am still coughing and hacking and not happy about it either!!!
I really want to get past all this sickness!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Dad has retired!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011, was my Dad's last day at New Horizon's Computer Learning Center, Fort Worth, Texas! He has retired! Now, I know that most people when they retire, stay home, relax, travel etc.... but my Dad is always busy and I'm sure will continue to be busy working, building, and creating something!!! Plus, he has always been very involved in church service and I know that will continue. In fact, I know he hopes and dreams of serving a mission with Barbara after she retires in a year or so!

They had an Open House for him at his office during the Day, which I went up to and visited, ate cake and goodies and watched as his office gave him Ranger's Tickets, and told him that they were taking him (and Barbara, of course) out to dinner at his favorite restaurant, The Keg.

That night at the restaurant he was given a book with a political theme....perfect for my Dad, Cowboy boots, and cards and lots of good wishes. Everyone took turns paying tribute to my Dad and there were really some special and beautiful things said about what kind of boss he was and how he has affected so many lives! It was very cool! And really was a day long celebration!

Believe it or not, I did not have my camera!! I know unbelievable!!! But I have been promised pictures so when I get them I will add them to this post.

Congratulations Daddy!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

And the paydays just keep coming......

One, only one mind you, of the best parts of being a seminary teacher I'm finding out is that years and years of paydays are seen even after the teaching has ended. I have always said that my students felt like my own and that I would always be their biggest cheerleader, well its an awesome job that I am happy to do!!!

Saturday one of my return missionary seminary students, David Willden, was sealed in the Temple for Time and all Eternity to his sweetheart. I was invited to the sealing/marriage.....but, as sometimes happens, Alan's calling and responsibility came first this day as our ward/congregation had a wonderful man, Larry Curtis, pass away on Friday and Alan needed to be accessible to the family and he felt he wouldn't know what to do about Aileen if I was gone when he was needed. But my heart was with David and Mary. The good news is all of us (Alan, Lois & Aileen) were able to go to the Reception that night!

Last Saturday, the day of Aileen's b-day party! another one of my seminary students, Ben Hepworth, went to the Dallas Temple for his endowments so that he can leave on a mission soon to Portugal! Because of Aileen's b-day party we had to divide and conquer..... so Alan was at the temple and I was getting everything picked up and decorated for the Bowling party we had that evening. But Ben came to the party and we were able to celebrate his wonderful day as well as Aileen's birthday it was awesome!!!

And Thursday, I have been asked to sing for a RS Meeting where we are celebrating RS's birthday, and Sara Morrill, who just happens to be another one of my seminary students, is going to accompany me so we are doing something together as adults and its kinda special.

and I could go on......but I won't.....for now anyway ;).

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I'm a GREAT Aunt......

I would like to thank the Brown side of my family for keeping me humble about my age!!! Many of my nieces have had babies recently and as you know since I don't have any grandchildren of my own to buy for, I love being a great aunt and having the same kind of fun! The last year has been exciting baby wise, there have been many! My niece Sarah, had a beautiful baby boy, Bryker, in February and I know I'm slow....but look how much fun I had picking out a gift!!! I can hardly wait for her to get it!!! And Shelley's little one, Mack, is next!!! I wish I was closer to hold them all, but this is almost as much fun......almost! It has been fun to see what names everyone picks as well. We have 2 Macy's a Macy and Macey, a Mackie Jo, Bryker, Mack, Brady, and Emma and that is only recently then you add the ones a few yrs older Ty, Amelia, Carson, Ellianna, Dallin, Miriam, and you can see I have been eating humble pie for a while now.....I'm not that old really??? O.K., maybe I am. I will say one thing though, I love being a GREAT Aunt!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Feelin' Irish!

I don't have a lot of St. Patrick's Day decorations, but I do have a door wreath I made that I like a lot!!! Hope everyone has a great St. Patrick's day when it rolls around! Don't know if the picture really does it justice! but there it is!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Aileen is 26!

Saturday, March 5, 2011, Aileen turned 26 yrs old! We had such a fun party for her. She loves to go bowling and that's handy because most of our extended family does as well as do our friends. So it was so much fun to invite family and our friends that love Aileen to come and help us Celebrate!

But before I put up all the pictures of the party. There is a really neat experience that Aileen and Alan had at Christmas time that I haven't shared yet and would like to have in my history.

On the 23rd of December we were in Kansas for my nephew's wedding. My sister, Elizabeth and I drove back to Texas early so we could do all the baking and cooking for our big Christmas eve dinner and Family Home Evening that we have. So this left Aileen and Alan staying in the Hotel to get rest and then drive back Christmas Eve day and then meeting us at Elizabeth's house for the Christmas Eve traditional dinner and activities.

Well, it started to snow and sleet in Oklahoma and Alan was starting to get a little stressed and worried about how could he concentrate on the road and take care of Aileen etc... and was really starting to freak out a little bit....and Aileen took hold of his hand and looked into Alan's eyes and Alan said he heard the words in his mind of, "Calm down Dad, its going to be alright". And he said he knew that it would be! Aileen is such a blessing in our life and she knows her parents better than we know ourselves!!! And I love that she knew just what to tell her Dad so that they would have a safe trip home!

Happy Birthday Aileen! We love you!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dean's List at BYU

It was so cute that is was John that texted me to tell me that Allison had made the 2010 Dean's list at BYU! I like that he was excited and proud! Alan and I were excited and my Dad, Allison's Grandpa, said "She's always on my Dean's List" ha, ha!!! Very funny Grandpa since his name is Dean. get it! Bad joke! We are so proud of all of our girls not just Allison, but did feel like this was a time that she should get some recognition. Thanks Allison, for working hard, and taking your college education seriously! Love you sweetie!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011