Monday, April 14, 2014

Logan came home from College for Spring Break!!

The last day of Logan's spring break, we finally got to see Logan while he was home from school!  He then spent the night with us, went to church with us, and then we took him to the train to go back to school!!!  But Saturday we played cards, had everyone over for Pizza and he was able to see everyone here in Fort Worth!  Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle Art couldn't come on Saturday but they took Logan out to dinner Friday night! He really did get to see and spend time with all his family!!  That's what coming home is all about.....oh, he might think it's to catch up with his buddies......hmmmm!  Good thing he humors us!!



Dropping Logan off at the train is always bitter/sweet!! Its always more exciting when we pick him up.  We love you Logan.  Do good in College so you can make your dreams come true!!

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