Monday, April 14, 2014

Shopping Spree!! Yipee!! I love Shopping sprees for my granddaughter!!

I love it when Carter's has everything in the store 50% off - which is amazing enough on its own, but then I got a coupon that gave me an extra 20% off my total purchase so it wasn't really 70% off because it is 20% off the 50% but it sure felt like it and Allison and I had so much fun shopping, plus I had Carter in store money that Allison got to spend on new sleepers.....and then with my big purchase I got more in-store money that I was able to spend on a shower gift for a friend at church who we are all so excited that they are finally able to have a baby, they have had a difficult time in the past with pregnancies, so of course that makes this precious baby all the more precious!!

Charlotte is a girl after her Grandma's heart...she went right for the shoes and wanted to try them on!!  John said "just like her Mom" but where does John think Allison got it from, I wonder?????
The happy mother to be!! Sharon everyone really is so excited for you!! Congratulations!! 
Even though this picture is not about me just a FYI kind of thing.....everyone tells me to wear my hair strait and not the curly poofy thing I love so much....but if you ask me this picture is proof that whether wearing my hair like this is more current with the styles....I look stupid!! Wow!

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