Sunday, May 15, 2011

My last post is being featured

Ramona and I outside the Orlando Temple after going through a session together in 1994

My dear Friend Ramona, whom I attended BYU with, and lived in the same dorm/ward, then later lived in the same family ward in Murray, Utah after several years of marriage, also has an adult disabled daughter. When we met up again after BYU, I was just learning about Aileen's disability. Aileen was 2 and her daughter with a disability was 8. I have appreciated her example of how to be an extraordinary mother to a disabled child and even though I know I have been a good mother to Aileen it is always nice to have someone you can look to that has already been through what you are currently experiencing.

Her post this month talks about the service that these special children can give entitled "The Giver" and she asked if she could post my last post about Aileen's Letter from her friend Dawn.

Here is her link if you would like to see what beautiful insights she has to share with everyone. I always try to say the same types of things, but some people are blessed with the gift of writing and expression that is so beautiful and Ramona is one of these women. I will never be as eloquent! So enjoy one who is Mona's Musings.

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Mona said...

WOW! Look at us! We're gorgeous! It must be the spirit of the temple -- or friendship. I am as grateful for you and your example as you are of mine. See? Reciprocity!